Monday, May 19, 2008

Zoo Last Week

We went to the zoo last week with our friends Bonnie and Kelly. Garrett had a great time hanging out with them. Kelly is just a few weeks younger than Garrett, and they are pretty evenly matched in the adventure and energy department. They kids had a great time . . . they fed the pelicans and the giraffes. We saw the keepers feed the tigers (I WISH I had taken my real camera for that!!). Both the adults and the kids got the biggest kick out of the giraffes though, they were so neat!! (Check out the tounge!!)

After the giraffes, Bonnie and Kelly headed home. Garrett and I stayed around and did the rest of the zoo. He loves the aviary, where there are so many colorful birds. His absolute favorite, though, is the reptile exhibit, where he can see "snakes," "turtles" and "'izards!!" galore. He also had a funny moment where he found a stick and strapped it into his stroller . . . goofball!! Thank goodness for our zoo membership (or rather, thank you G-ma and G-pa Compton!!), we love it there!

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MrsMoma said...

Fun! Lots of people going to the zoo.. it's such great weather for it :)!!