Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer is 11 months old

Can you believe Summer will be a year old in a month? She has gotten SO big over this past month, pulling up on everything and really acting like she is ready to GO. She had her first hair cut today (the first pic is post-haircut)--nothing drastic. I hate bangs, but couldn't take her hair hanging in her eyes anymore. Garrett, of course, wanted to be in on the picture too.

Silly Summer standing on brother's couch.

Uh oh, busted!

Another photo session from last week, at Garrett's request. Everyone was still in PJs.
She loves him so!

Garrett is so funny with Summer. They argue all the time, which you wouldn't even think is possible since Summer can not actually talk. Garrett makes up her end of the conversation: "No, Summer, you can not have my cereal, because you are a baby!" He gets upset because she never says his name. She will look at him and say "Dadadadada" And he will argue, "No, dadadada is at work, I am GARRETT, not Dadada!!" Silly, silly boy. Sorry posts have been few and far between-work has been terribly busy! But just to let everyone know, Aspen had his cardio workup and it came back good--he has a grade 2 heart murmur, but otherwise his heart looks good. No meds required--definately good news! Other than that, all is the same at the Compton household. Crazy as ever!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Garrett is growing up so fast . . .

I can't get over how big and grown up Garrett has gotten--what I said about having a toddler again, I meant . . . Garrett has been in the {preschool} category for a while now. He is doing WONDERFULLY in swimming lessons--yesterday he floated with NO help from his instructor, and then turned on to his stomach and swam to him when asked to. He loves swimming, I told him it was almost over and that we would take a break in the fall, and he said "But I like swimming lessons! Please, can I keep doing them!?" LOL.

He has a thing for puzzles. He's getting pretty good at them, and can usually get the major characters assembled with little help. Here he is finishing off one today--so proud of his work. He always wants to "show it to daddy".

Double D'oh.

It would seem that nice, quite time of NOT having a budding toddler is over. Summer finally discovered she can sit up on her own, and then stand up on her own . . . and apparently climb stairs on her own. Time to break out the baby gate for the stairs!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sea World Weekend

We kicked off August with a trip to Sea World this past weekend. Garrett had been asking to go and we found a hotel for ridiculously cheap. It was SO HOT. We went with some great friends that I met at boot camp, the Quinones family, and had a wonderful time.

Hiding from the heat in an A/C theater to watch Elmo

Summer was LOVING Elmo, especially since she had a cracker to eat :-)

Last time we went, Garrett was too short to ride the roller coaster.
This time he was tall enough and LOVED it!
(He's in the middle)

Chillin' in the sling

Luau--Quinones on the left, Comptons on the right (G was passed out in the stroller)

Cool octopus
Garrett and Ayanna

Ayanna, Garrett and Rhea checking out the flamingos on their walk

Daddy and Summer

One last ride before we left
Wilene and Ayanna are in the front, Garrett is behind them with Rhea.

Good times!!