Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day/Neighborhood birthday Party

We had Garrett's birthday party for our neighborhood friends on Memorial Day. It was supposed to be a friends/neighbors party, but I did not actually remember to invite our friends (sorry guys!). Too much going on and not enough time!! Here's a boatload of pictures and some explainations . . . I took somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 pictures in the past six days!

Garrett had loads of fun with the balloons when I brought them home in the morning.

"Birthday Cake!"

Garrett loved his "Cifford shirt" Aunt Stephie and Grandma brought.

Wow, these shorts have pockets!

The birthday crowd, and Garrett mingling
Watching Lisa feed baby Logan his bottle (Jess on the left, Nana on the right)

Playing with Xander while his Daddy, Chris looks on


Wrestling with Mark.

Sharing my new train with the Crider clan (Thanks Grandma C!)

X will always be my best bud!

3 Generations . . . Brad's mom, sister and Grandma

Grandma C with baby Logan (who isn't as much of a baby anymore!)

More fun with X

Doing a little hand dance and singing during his "Happy Birthday" song.

Hugs for Randon after opening presents

Opening presents

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-Bridget said...

Happy birthday Garrett! Looks like everyone had a blast!