Friday, February 08, 2008

At this moment

Garrett is playing peekaboo with Haylee. She is not impressed.

Last night, we took him towards his room, and he shut the door in our face so we couldn't follow him in!! After we knocked, he was kind enough to open the door for kisses. Then he shut it in our face again. Stinker!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My little coastie

Garrett went into the guest room today and pulled Brad's Coast Guard Aux. vest of it. He kept running around the house going "picture, picture!" And then he would pose, like this. I love having a digital camera, I took a zillion pictures and then uploaded them all, it only costs me space on my laptop, and there is plenty of that to go around.

Today was a seriously AWESOME day on the potty training front. We had zip accidents, and he even peed in the potty at church several times, despite the fact he had a diaper on. He says "pee" when he needs to go . . . I am so unbelievably shocked right now, it CAN'T be this easy. But then, I've heard repeatedly kids who wear cloth diapers train easier. Tomorrow, we may even try wearing PANTS over our undies all day long, lol! The neighbors must think I am raising a heathen, since all he has been wearing the past few days is his undies!

The words are pouring out of Garrett like you wouldn't believe. I was using the dremal (sp?) on the dogs nails the other day, and now whenever he sees it he goes "remel, remel". Keep in mind when I was doing their nails, he hid in the other room crying "puppies, puppies, oh noooooo . . . " I think he thought I was killing his dogs. He grabbed Aspen's feet at the next possible occassion and checked to make sure he had all his digits still. That dog's patience with my son never ceases to amaze me. When my neighbor's younger three come over, he just sits and observes them, ever the watchful grey dog. He rocks beyond belief.

Garrett's other big thing right now is pretend play. He likes to pretend to be a dinosaur, a monkey, and a dog. It IS possible that he actually thinks he is a dog, though . . . that was always a fear of mine, that he would act more dog than human. :-) Randon, the little boy next door, has lots of dinosaurs, and Garrett has become infatuated with them. "Roar", he says!! "Dino-sawr!" I can't even begin to list all of his words, its just amazing.


Garrett LOVES his new scooter. Can't go wrong for $5!! I took these pictures yesterday. He is quiet good at getting where he is going, and already can steer without any trouble.

We haven't done much of anything lately, due the potty training. He had been doing so great, this morning we went and played for a while, then he came in and immediately peed on the potty. I hate staying home all the time, but he doesn't seem to mind. If this actually works out and he is trained by the end of February, I will be thrilled. :-)

He slept until almost 9 this morning, which is insane for him. I think skipping naps has finally caught up with him. I'm glad he slept in a little, since we are going to church tonight and won't even be home until 8. Brad has a meeting, major bummer. I hate the evenings where we aren't together until after Garrett goes to bed. It isn't fun for anyone, but especially my poor hubby.

Other than that, not much else going on. We play outside at least 3 hours a day. I try to get Garrett to sit and watch some cartoons with me, just because I need the break. We usually watch the Backyardigans or Clifford. The other day we watched Finding Nemo. Work has been blissfully slow, although I am due to go in at the end of the week. Gotta find a sitter!

Oh, and my political blurb for the day--Super Tuesday bit the big one. I am not happy with how these races are going. Are John McCain and Hillary Clinton REALLY the best this country has to offer??

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sorry its been a while!

I know I haven't posted much lately. My son has decided he wants to do some potty training, and that has been keeping us pretty busy. Plus I have NO energy with this pregnancy. I am so ready to get to that 2nd trimester and feel human again!!

Not much new to report here. I got Garrett a cute scooter off craigslist for $5, its like new and usually retails for $30.00. He's a little mutant child, riding scooters and skateboards already!! Never a dull moment though.

The toddler bed is going well, he naps every other day or so. I can't believe he is considering dropping his naps all together!! Yikes!

Here are some photos for the past week or so. Leanne, you may recognize the socks :-)

Sitting in the clothes basket being goofy:

Our friend Maria made that Necklace for Aspen when Garrett was born. Garrett likes to wear it around, and sometimes use it for a headband!

This pic is blurry, but the only one I could get of him wearing it as a headband!!

Haylee being her princess self. :-)
Our neighbors gave Garrett these boots, which are a size 11 (he wears a size 6!!). He put them on all by himself and ran around the house. Note the big boy undies. Garrett says "unies, unies" and will bring them to me when he is wearing a diaper.

Other little tidbits . . . I bought THIS toy organizer at Target on sale for $41.98, I was so pleased with the find. I've wanted one for a while, but couldn't bring myself to shell out $60!! It helps organize my toy stash, which is getting ridiculously large. Logan and Xander start coming over again in a week and a half, so I need to get out all my infant stuff too. Fun, fun. At least it will help me get ready for this baby!!

Garrett's "new" room is half way cleaned out, I still have to go through the closet. Its amazing that in 7 years, Brad and I have accumulated so much STUFF. Three people in a five bedroom house, yet we don't have room for all our junk. That's just sad. I think we decided to get this bedroom set for Garrett, since it is a good value and is cute. I have no idea how we are going to paint the room yet. We're keeping "the nursery" the same, so we won't have to do anything new in there. Brad finished painting our bathroom, I'll try to post a picture soon. It looks really nice.

Oh, and its Super Tuesday. Can I just say that I am going to CRY if John McCain gets the Republican nomination?? We'll see how things look tomorrow. Go Mitt, is all I can say!!

Well, my kiddo calls. Time to sit on the potty.