Sunday, July 31, 2011

How we've spent our summer vacation - Part 2

Seriously, I can not believe August is here. It seems like it was just 4th of July weekend. Insanity. With a scant 3 weeks until school starts, it seems like summer is already over. We'll be spending the next few weeks getting on schedule and (gasp) prepping for Kindergarten. Insanity, I say!

A quick fly-by of the things we've been up to since last update.

We went to see Cars 2. It was cute, but not nearly as good as the original. Summer did amazingly well at it.

We've had sleepovers and hung out with friends.

We made homemade ice cream for the 4th of July

and made homemade ice cream sandwich pops.

Summer has been acting like such a big girl! We're STILL potty training, and while she was in a big girl bed for a while, we moved her back to a crib because she wasn't getting enough sleep, but she's doing so well in expressing her emotions and absolutely has a crazy fun imagination.

We went to see Bob the Builder at the Childrens Museum. It was the first time we've been in a while, and BOTH kids really enjoyed it all.

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit

and took Garrett home with them for a week, where he did awesome things like drive a 4-wheeler. (Thanks Aunt Stephie for the picture!)

Summer and I enjoyed some girl time while he was gone, but we were glad to have him (and Grandma) back.

The best thing we did while they were gone, though, was go to the Seaquarium. I don't generally like that place, but we both got in for free and Summer was absolutely over the moon about the dolphins. I wish I had taken the camera on that trip to document how in awe she was of them.

Brad and I enjoyed a night at the Hard Rock in Hollywood while Grandma was here and THAT was fabulous. Its been almost a year since we had a night to ourselves, so it was long overdue. We stayed up until midnight listening to live music and just generally enjoying each other's company, then spent the morning soaking up sun by the pool. Absolutely priceless!

And we've crafted, created, and made stuff . . .
A cement stone for Grandma

Awesome butterflies from milk cartons, inspired by Filth Wizardry. Garrett's is on the right, Summer's is on the left.

And of course a model or two.

I've read a couple of books, the most notable of which was Water For Elephants. I wasn't really expecting much, but it was so good that I am really not sure I want to see the movie.

Brad and I have been watching Psych, after Brad's parents and sister told us how much they liked it. Love it!

And we had a really stinky life lesson when Garrett's turtle, Crusher, died while he was at Grandma's house. That one is going to get its own post though (hopefully)--too lengthy to write about on this already lengthy post.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Aspen is the Awesomest Dog Ever

I always have a hard time explaining what Aspen means to us as a family. He's not only not-just-a-dog, he's such an integral part of this family it isn't even funny. His patience with the kids never ceases to amaze me . . .

He not only puts up with photo sessions

he puts up with fights that ensue over him

and STILL manages to give Garrett smooches, which makes Garrett smile bigger than anything else.
He is always in the thick of it, even when "it" is campout sleepovers with four kids.

And even though Summer tortures him in many ways, he never makes a single complaint.

This past week we had a house guest for a week. We fostered Lilo for This is The Dog while her usual foster mom was out of town, and he loved having someone big to play with. (Someone who wasn't 1/4 his size and always grumpy, anyway). He's just about the best, craziest, sweetest grey pup we could ask for, and I can't believe he's 7 this year.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Happy 4th!

We had a wonderfully busy 4th of July weekend. We made ice cream and festive 4th of July ice cream pops, had a sleep over with our friends, and more. Here's a few pictures to tide everyone over until I get a chance for a real update. In the mean time, pictures from the entire weekend are on facebook.