Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fussy babies and silly puppies

Last night was the absolute pits. I think Garrett was up at least once an hour, SCREAMING at the top of his lungs. His top 2 teeth are so close to breaking through, and I think it is causing him some major pain. He isn't eating much, only milk and anything cold and soft. Forget meat or anything hard. He has spent most of today napping--no wonder, since he was up all night. Too bad I can't nap, but the work has to get done sometime!! Hopefully those toothies will make an appearance soon so I can have my happy boy back.

In other news, Haylee is just a silly girl. Not that this is anything new. Today, after I put Garrett down for his first nap, I went to feed the dogs and found Haylee missing. Which of course meant that I had (yet again) locked her in Garrett's bedroom when I put him down. You would think she would learn to stick closer to me when I put him down for naps, or just not come into the room!! She is always so happy to be set free, silly girl! Hopefully agility won't get rained out tonight, for the 8-millionth time in a row. I miss playing out there with all my doggie buddies!

Okay, back to work.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Potty Time

Since Garrett really hates wet and dirty diapers, we decided we would get a potty and see how he liked using it. I picked it up last night, and this morning he went poopie in it!! :-) Horray! We obviously aren't planning on starting potty training in earnest, but we figured we would see if we could get him to use the potty a little bit, it would be nice. One less poopie diaper to change. Apparently "elimination communication" is a big thing. There is a book called "Diaper 3 before 3" we will have to check it out.

Other than that, we had a nice father's day with Daddy. We got him (or rather, HE got him) a new weedeater. Garrett and I made a little father's day poem with Garrett's footprints (see the pic from our playdate, thanks Haydee!!) and a frame for him. Then our friend Cassie came to stay with Garrett so Daddy and I could have some alone time :) We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 . . . it wasn't as good as #1, but way better than #2!! We haven't had a date night in a while, so that was nice.

Other than that, G-man is super fussy off and on lately, his teeth are definately bothering him. He has gone to 2 feedings a day of breastmilk back to every couple of hours, and is refusing any solids that aren't chilled and very soft--this is the same stuff he did before he got his first 2 teeth.

Anyway, not much else new. Hugs to everyone!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sea World

We went to Orlando last weekend with our former neighbors. We went to Sea World on Saturday and Typhoon Lagoon on Sunday. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, too busy having a good time.

We fed the dolphins, which Garrett slept through, despite my best efforts to wake him up. The poor guy was pooped, and conked out in the sling while we were in line. Thank GOODNESS for the sling, because otherwise we would have gotten very tired of carrying him through the attractions that didn't allow strollers very fast. The dolphins were so neat to touch, all rubbery and wet. Too fun!

Then we fed the stingrays. Also VERY cool. Garrett napped through the first half but got to touch them, even though he just about fell into their pond in the process. People probably thought we were trying to feed HIM to the stingrays!

The rest of the day was a complete whirlwind. We caught a few shows, which Garrett enjoyed, and saw lots of neat animals. It was incredibly hot. Garrett decided he could no longer be bothered to eat jarred babyfood, which was all I brought, so he was a bit fussy in the afternoon. We didn't see everything there was, by any means, so we will go back again sometime soon!
Garrett had more fun at the water park on Sunday, and at the pool at our hotel both Friday and Saturday night. The kid just likes to be in the water, who can blame him!! :-) He is, after all, ours!

Ride-On car (6.7.07)

Garrett loves the little ride-on car Jess and Chris gave him for his birthday--he opens and closes the trunk all the time. He tries to use the shape sorter and occasionally gets them in, but usually he gets frustrated and opens the hood to put it in. Silly goose! You can see from the last picture that all play requires a bunch of concentration! :-)

Big Red Shovel (6.7.07)

This fun little toy is a Discovery Toys product . . . I bought it because it was on sale, and I really didn't expect Garrett to play with it much (its aged 3+) It is one of his favorites though. He pushes it around everywhere, and now he CARRIES it everywhere, which is funny since it is as tall as he is!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One little pic to keep you guys happy!

Garrett at Typhoon Lagoon . . . just a picture to stave off the Grandmas until I can get more up, lol :-) My boss leaves Saturday for a few weeks, so things will be moderately insane until then. I promise more soon though!

All Garrett wanted to do here was go up and down the steps. Coincidentally, that was his favorite part of the pool at the hotel too. That and splashing like a mad man, err, toddler!

Big boy!!!

Garrett had his 1 year checkup ( a little late due to that stuffy nose!) . . . he is 20lbs, 11oz and 28 inches. Amazingly enough, he is finally on the "curve" for his weight (but not his height) . . . such a busy boy, I am amazed he finally made it to 20lbs!

I have a ton of pics to post, just busy . . . hopefully in the next few days!

Keep my friends in your thoughts, my Friend Adrianne will be having her little boy via c/s on Thursday 6/21 and my friend Jess just found out she is having a little boy too (she's due in November) . . .babies, babies everywhere!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Little Piggy

So far today (it is 2:09) Garrett has had the following to eat:
1.5 bananas
1 cup cottege cheese
bread (homemade, half a slice . . .if I broke it up to feed to him he refused to eat it, he wanted the whole piece so he could tear off his own bites!!)
1 cup of cauliflower
Leftover Mac & Cheese from last night
Shreaded cheese.

Plus milkie and a ton of water . . . seriously, its amazing he doesn't weigh 500 pounds!

Work is crazy busy right now, so I guess I should get back. We are going to Orlando this weekend, can't wait to get away!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My official DT Model :-)

Took this picture of Garrett for a flyer I was working on . . .too cute to pass up! The shovel in the background is one of his absolute favorite toys, I never would have guessed he would enjoy it as much as he does.

Super stunt pilot

Apparently I can NOT leave him alone with his pilot rocker . . . I was working in the other room, realized I wasn't hearing Garrett doing much, and this is what I found when I went into the living room!

Lighthouse and Beach

Went to Bill Baggs/Cape Florida State Park on Sunday with our ex-neighbors, Rocky and Teresa. There is a beautiful old lighthouse there, so we decided it was the perfect time for Garrett's first lighthouse tour. Daddy carried him in the backpack, because I am not a big fan of heights when I don't have my most prized thing strapped to my back! Garrett, always the adventurer, thought it was great fun.

The lighthouse keeper's cottege was beautiful, I would mote in there in a hearbeat! It comes complete with a sterotypical outhouse :-)

After our big adventure, a dip in the ocean felt great! Garrett played in the sand with the new truck/sand toys Rocky and Teresa gave him for his birthday.

Some "1 year" pictures

Too cheap/poor to get pictures done professionally (plus Brad always says he can do better!) . . . so here are a few of our "backyard" 1-year pictures.

Monday, June 04, 2007

My helper

I think Garrett has seen me washing poopie diapers a time too many . . . today he took a clean diaper from the dryer and was repeatedly dunking it in the dog water bowl . . . .I think he was helping. SILLY BOY!

He is walking everywhere now, and is into everything. Today he was also playing with the fish tank (he stood on his pilot rocker and was playing with the glass) . . . crazy kiddo! Pics later, we had a busy weekend.