Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Crib bedding

With Garrett, we never splurged on crib bedding . . . too many other big purchases to be made, like a crib, changing table, and all that other baby stuff. This little one doesn't really need anything (seriously, no clothes-unless we end up with a girl!, blankets, or TOYS!) so I figured what the heck. Not to mention I got a REALLY good deal on this off Ebay. I had a hard time, when Garrett was born, justifying $150+ when we wouldn't use the bumper or quilt. This was so reasonable, and goes well with the room.

I'm working on a baby registry, but its going to be pretty short. I do know I want some things from http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/ to make MY postpartum recovery a little easier. Other than that, all I have so far is a breast pump!!


Leanne said...

The most adorable bedding ever!

Jessica said...

really cute bedding! too bad we aren't closer, i could loan you my awesome pump.. i won't need it for a while!