Friday, June 18, 2010

Lots of fun

So far June has been incredibly busy, but in a good way. Work has been busy, we've played with friends, we've done some school work just to keep from being bored.

Swimming with the Mislows

Comedy club with the Shumans (thanks Leanne for babysitting!)
Boating with the Shumans (it was so fun to hang out with them after MONTHS of not doing anything together!!)

World Oceans Day playdate/craft at Biscayne National Park

Summer was hauling butt to keep up with the big kids, and she did pretty well too!
Summer and Alora

This picture pretty much sums up Miss Summer's personality these days. She's a total riot. She KNOWS she's adorable and works it to get whatever she wants.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

T-ball End of Season Party

Garrett's T-ball season ended much sooner than expected, as the league decided to cancel their last 2 games so "The older kids could use the field for playoffs". Pfft. So poor Garrett missed out on the last 4 games or so of the season because of various commitments (graduation, travels, etc. etc.) Bummer, but we had a great time playing -- our coaches were absolutely FABULOUS!

Summie was looking too cute not to take a pic.
And then Garrett demanded I take one of him too :-)

With friends Danny and WillI now understand why EVERYONE gets a trophy. Garrett was on cloud nine :-)
Happy Marlins!

With Coach Rick, who is the best :-)
And Coach Amy, who kept our rowdy boys in line :-)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Family Reunion and Garrett's 4th Birthday

We returned from Colorado on a Sunday and left that Tuesday, by car, for Ohio. My grandfather was celebrating a birthday and we were having a family reunion.

Picnicking somewhere along the way.

Fishing with the cool new lightening poll grandma got him.Tired baby girl needed a nap.

First of many fish (all small, but G didn't care)Summer loved exploring.
Brad and Garrett on the boat on the pond. I have many fond memories of both the pond and the boat growing up.
More exploring for Summer, who did NOT like the boat.
Very tired boy after day 1. Camping was fun!
Coloring to pass the time before his birthday party.

Summer liked to color too.Wrinkle nose. Silly girl.

Birthday balloons are always a hit
Awesome cake my mom had made for him.
Birthday hats were a hit.
Garrett and his great-grandpa.
Blowing out the candles.
Balloon-e needed a hat too!

Smores at the camp fire that evening. Garrett later decided that he would pass on the marshmellows and crackers and JUST eat the chocolate!
Day 2: Lots of swimming and playing in the mud

Summer and I (and the Oh Snap, my best purchase EVER!)

Playing with his bubble gun with assorted montes cousins :-)My cousins :-)

Grandpa's cake
Summer reading with cousin Ann at bed time :-)

Great fun was had by all, even though the mosquitoes were HORRIBLE. Garrett really enjoyed his party even though none of his usual friends were there. I enjoyed no phone/internet interruption and just being outside with my family, sharing fishing with Garrett, etc. The dogs REALLY didn't enjoy the great outdoors, poor Aspen was looking for an A/C'd bed after the first day. It was soooo good to get home though. Even though on our first night home, the transformer in our front yard IMPLODED and we had no power for several hours. Thankfully our electric utility is the bomb and had a new transformer in within 2 hours, even though it was a holiday weekend. Now its back to the grind!