Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Funny things Garrett has done today

*Taken a wipe and declared that Blue Puppy (who he was pushing in his pink stroller at the time) needed his nose wiped.

*Said "Ap-en, 'xcuse me" me when gray dog was in the way.

*Came running into the kitchen . . . saying that there was a lizard in the living room. And the lizard bit him. He is officially a story teller, because in the evening he further embellished the story in his own way . . . I think the gist was that he had to swing his arm and beat the lizard off. MAYBE there was a lizard in the house. Beyond that, I know he was spinning a yarn!

*Started saying "yes, sir" and "Yes, peese" . . . we're working on "Yes, Ma'am", I have NO idea where the Yes, sir came from!!

Things are seriously continuously entertaining (and exhausting) right now . . . he's doing something new practically every minute.

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