Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finally, a nap at home!

For the first time in who-knows-how-long, Garrett is napping in his room. Not without a battle.

First Garrett used his airplane to climb over the gate. As soon as he knows he is busted, he immediately tries to climb BACK into his room. Repeat 3 times. I finally decide to lock his door. He humors me for 10 minutes, then UNLOCKS his door. He peeks out. I tell him to go to bed. He humors me again for a while, then repeats. I tell him to go back to bed. What do you know, he ACTUALLY does! Shocker.

I think I forgot to post that he locked me out of the house earlier this week. I had a call and he was running around the house playing like crazy, and loud as could be. So I stepped out the front door and leaned against it so he and the gray dog could not escape. When my call was over, the door was locked! I had to go around back and COACH him to open the sliding glass door for me. Which he eventually did, thank God. He thought he was pretty slick. We'll be adding a chain to our front door to at least keep him (and Aspen) IN the house. As far as me getting back in, clearly I will just have to always carry my keys. :-)

I'll post pictures later from the fun couple of days we've had with our playgroup and then a trip to the zoo . . . as soon as I get more work done!

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-Bridget said...

We've been through this too. We now keep a spare set of keys hidden outside the house and a magnetic hide a key under our cars. I admire you for being able to work from home while Garrett is there. I work from home and send the kids to daycare. I couldn't do it!