Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Baby will be 2 tomorrow!

I can't believe Garrett is going to be 2 tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday he turned one. He wasn't walking, and didn't say much of anything.

As we role into his second year, I can't help but reflect on the MAJOR milestones he has reached this year. He has a bunch of wonderful friends in our neighborhood that he loves and who play with him regularly. He can swim with his floaties on with no assistance. He can skip/gallop, can say nearly everything and anything, and is potty trained. He can count to 3 (forward and backward), loves to put money in his "money puppy" bank, adores his puppies, and manages to have a kind and loving heart along with the most insanely rambunctious soul. Trains, planes, and automobiles are his favorite things. Mowing with his dad is his absolute favorite activity in the world. He knows lots of opposites, and a whole slew of animals. He is an outdoorsman by nature--rain or shine, he would much rather be outside. TV is so not his thing, and he would rather dance and sing a song than watch TV any day of the week.

We had a birthday party for him with our neighbors yesterday, and that was a blast. I was remiss in inviting most of our non-neighborhood friends, and for that I apologize. Pictures and details of that one to follow. Its been a roller coaster year, and it seems like it has just FLOWN by. My big thing right now is that I can not BELIEVE he is potty trained before his second birthday. It just boggles my mind, because it just happened and its just too cool not to have to deal with diapers.

So happy birthday, little wild man. I'm glad we made it through year number 2. On to year three!

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