Saturday, May 03, 2008

04/28/08 Day 8

We are now at Hotel Buena Vista . . .another aptly named hotel! We've had a very relaxing visit here, and have enjoyed some much cooler air than in Montezuma!

Our return trip from the Niyoca Peninsula to the Central Valley was fairly nice. The ferry was better organized than we expected, save a stupid rule that only one person can be in the car to drive it on and off the ferry. We had a hard time finding the right road to our hotel, once again due to the lack of road signs, but we solved it easily enough. This hotel has been quite a treat, beautifully designed and with a friendly staff. Not to mention that excellent view it is named for.

We spent the morning doing a tour of the Doka Coffee Estate, which was fantastic and highly educational. I really had NO idea how coffee was made. The finest coffee beans are sun dried, and Brad had a chance to push some beans around on our tour.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and just enjoying the scenery at the hotel. We swam in the pool a little, but it was fairly overcast in the afternoon. It was a very relaxing day and not at all a bad way to spend our last full day in Costa Rica. I would definately stay at this hotel before I would even consider entering San Jose again! We had a chance to take a ton of shots of the local flora and fauna, something we really hadn't done on the rest of our trip.

And for those of you who want a belly pic, here you go.
20 weeks and a few odd days :-)
(Weight gain still zippo . . . )

Tomorrow we head home . . . I can't wait to get my hands on Garrett. We FINALLY talked to him when we arrived here. Apparently the Criders had their ringer off and didn't know we were calling! It was nice to hear his voice, and when I asked him if he missed us he said yes. I got him a cute little stuffed turtle in Montezuma that I know will be a big hit. But we have definately enjoyed our time in CR!

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MrsMoma said...

My gracious, where have I been??? I LOVEEEE all of your pics!!! Beautiful!