Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crazy baby . .. er, toddler

Forget what I said about not walking. He is definately walking, will walk half way across the room before he plops on his butt. And if he wants out of the bathtub, he steps out and slides down the other side. He can get down from our bed (very high) or any of the chairs . . . crazy man!

Stunt Pilot

That would be the pilot rocker he is standing on. I almost died laughing, it was hilarious! We were doing webcam with Nana and Pawpaw, I guess Garrett wanted to see the computer screen!

The other super funny thing he did is that he sat on the steps and "read" the card Rocky and Teresa gave to him . . . He squaked at it and had quiet a good time (those pics are below).

That does it for pics from the actual party--we also took "professional" pics (didn't want to fork over the $$ at sears or something, so we did it ourselves in the back yard and a few other cool places) . . . those will come later! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures, I can't believe he is one already!

I will post some more video to YouTube soon . . . took lots of that too. Oh, and he is taking more and more steps everyday, now will do about 10-12 before falling!! Yikes!!

Random pictures

Fun with Baloons

Mommy and Daddy

Playing with Grandma

Yummy, Cake!

Garrett usually is a pretty healthy eater (broccoli, cauliflower, bread, meat and eggs), so this was a big change for him! (And really hard for me!!) It really wasn't as big of a mess as I was expecting! I am surprised the doggies didn't have a tummy ache from what they ate!! :-)

Aunt Steph's present

I have video of him playing with this one, just not sure when I will get it up!

With Daddy

Pilot Rocker!

This toy was one of the ones that drew me to Discovery Toys. It was a Christmas special, but I was still able to get my hands on one. Garrett LOVES it, he can get on and off of it by himself. And he seems to want to be a stunt pilot, he likes to STAND on the seat (pics of that in a bit!)




Rocky and Teresa

Garrett's Birthday! May 28, 2007

Random pictures of Decorations and the Cake . . . party pics come next, don't worry!

Garrett and Daddy

Metro Zoo (5.27)

We went to Metro Zoo on Sunday and had an AWESOME time. It was Garrett's first trip to the zoo (and Daddy's too, at least to Metro Zoo!) The Grandmas had a ton of fun too!

Okay, first pic is Garrett looking at the tigers sleeping under the tree. One of them was sleeping just like Aspen does (on back with feet in air) so I am sure Garrett was thinking "Now that is one BIG puppy!"

Garrett spent a lot of time in the sling, the only reason we took the stroller was so he could get a good nap in. And boy, did he get a GOOD nap in it! (note the spit bubbles) :-D

Garrett loved anything where he could see under water. The "Wings of Asia" display was awesome, it included an underwater exhibit. Garrett loved the big fishies! And he LOVES birds anyway, so seeing all these big colorful ones up close was a huge plus.

The rest of this is probably picture overload, but I couldn't just pick a few pictures! There was so much cool stuff to see!!

Playing with our Discovery Toys (5.27)

I have to make a flyer for a hospital event in a few months and we need pictures of little ones playing with the toys. Too bad the Fisherprice toy is in the back of the first one, its my favorite!