Friday, August 31, 2007

Playdate at the Mall today . . .

I took Garrett and Xander to the mall play area today with our playgroup. They had a great time. When we last went (just a few weeks ago), Garrett didn't want to climb any of the fun stuff they had there . . . today he climbed up the big purple dinosaur, went through both of the tunnels, and stood on top of the flowers. He had a great time, but I almost had a heart attack when he kept climbing that darn dinosaur! (It's the purple thing he and Xander are sitting on--that particular shot was staged!) The very last pic is from yesterday when I took the boys to Jungle Jimbos (again)!

Viscaya Museum and Gardens (8.26)

Viscaya is a beautiful mansion on Biscayne Bay that was built for a member of the Deering family . . . the house is (unfortunately you can't take pictures from the inside), and the view of the bay is nice too. Garrett enjoyed it well enough--I had to carry him through the house (not as easy as it once was). His favorite part was a display of old Ford cars . . . gee, wonder which side of the family he gets THAT from!!??

Fun with HATS! (8.25)

As I think I have previously posted, Garrett loves running around taking his hat off of his head, trying to put it back on , and then bringing it back to me to put on . . . He is so silly!

Fun with Daddy! (8.24)

The men in my life don't seem to like shirts . . . :-)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hat Game

Garrett has started loving hats. He will bring me one of his hats, I will put it on his head and he will run around with it for a while. Then he will take it off, try to put it back on, and then will bring it back to me to put it on his head. He is just a goofball!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Today Garrett opened up the wipe container and got a wipe out. He then proceeded to use it to wipe his boogery nose!! Imagine that . ..

He is getting more and more grown up. He asks to be put in his chair to eat (by pointing and pushing the chair out), emphatically shakes his head NO when you ask if he wants a nap, and will point to whatever he wants. The food of the week is grapes, he is eating them by the pound. He also loves to fish ice out of your glass and eat it.

Still haven't downloaded pictures--work has been insane these past few weeks. Ready for a long weekend (even though I will probably work most, if not all of it), followed by a trip to Orlando the following weekend . . .

Monday, August 27, 2007


Took the boys to ChuckECheese today. Forgot my camera, luckily our organizer is always armed with hers :-). I have pictures from Sunday to upload too, but haven't had the time to do that yet.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tired boys!

I've been taking Aspen and Garrett roller blading a couple of days a week lately. A neighbor in our community gave us her old jogging stroller, and so far we have made great use of it. Both Aspen and Garrett must have been super exhausted. Garrett hardly ever falls asleep on the go anymore, he just watches things, but he was up too early this morning and needed a nap. And I had to practically drag Aspen the last bit back to the car. But all in all, we had a great time!

Biscuits for breakfast!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aspen taught Garrett a trick

Garrett has learned to open the front door. I am sure he picked it up from watching Aspen do it. The only difference is that Garrett will at least SHUT it behind him . . . those two boys are going to get into all sorts of mischief together in the years to come, I can see it already!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jungle Jimbos

Took Garrett and Xander to Jungle Jimbos ( with our new homestead playgroup today. They both had a ton of fun . . . Garrett ran all over the place, carrying crayons and chalk. He loves sitting in chairs that are his size, we need to get him some furniture! In the first picture, he was giving the crayons away, and loving it--see the smile??

My Gym (more picture overload!!)

Took Garrett to My Gym last Monday. He had a great time being a goofball--He danced to the music, even on the trampoline, discovered that he likes walking on a balance beam, and ran continuously up and down a ramp (much to my disconcertation!)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Washing the car

More pictures from today (8-18). Brad was washing my car (pretty much for the first time since Garrett was born !! :-) ) and Garrett came out to help. I had to take a ton of pictures, he was having WAY too much fun playing in the spray from the hose and splashing around. And, because it was there, he had to play with the broom too!

Picture overload!

I took all of these today. It's the first time in forever I was home on a weekend afternoon at a reasonable hour. Recently every weekend has been spent at work. The cute shirt (and shorts) that Garrett is wearing are 24 months, and are by no means huge on him. It is so unbelievable how fast he is growing. He was so happy to spend the day outside.

Tropical paradise!

Haven't posted pictures of the landscaping in a while . . . thanks to all of the clippings and plants my boss gave us, our landscaping is looking luscious and tropical. The way things are growing, soon you won't be able to see the house from the street :-) In addition to the two original trees in the backyard, we have a seedling palm, a bougainvillea, a yucca and two banana trees (which we hope will bear fruit soon so our Banana bill for you-know-who will go down!)

Playdate at the Mall

I took Garrett and Xander to the mall for a playdate with our Homestead group on Friday. They had fun, although Garrett was being a little clingy in the beginning (thus the hugging picture) . . . then food became a factor and he was off like lightening! The little girl is our organizer, Joanna's, daughter. She's two and cute as a button! Thanks Joanna for the pictures!

Monday, August 13, 2007

More splashing at the Splash Zone!

Today I took both Garrett and Xander to Pinecrest Gardens for the Splash and Play. A little aprehensive about taking them BOTH alone, but it was really fun, Xander had a blast and Garrett was--well--Garrett!! He was all over the place, filling his bucket, splashing, and playing in the spray from the shower, of all things. He walked everywhere while Xander hung out in the stroller--he is getting to be such a big boy!! I had to play with Garrett just to get him to hold still for a picture!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Notice the top teeth in the first picture of my last post! We are up to 4 now . . . :-)

I left Garrett at Xander's today for the first time in a while--lately I have been working almost exclusively nights and weekends when I am not WAH. He did great--I guess he fell asleep on Xander's little sofa, which had to have been too cute!

Monday, August 06, 2007

My Gym

On Monday we went to My Gym of Kendall with our playgroup. Garrett loves going there, they have all sorts of fun events to help the little ones build their balance and athletic skills. Garrett's favorite part of this trip was the trampoline--last time we went, he wasn't terribly interested in it. But this time he LOVED it, and started bouncing as soon as I put him on it.

He also got to swing by his arms. The Gym's owner, Kathy is helping him in the picture. He thought it was great fun. Xander and his daddy came along to join in the fun. At the end, the babies all had free play while the parents chilled out. We love My Gym of Kendall!! I am so glad we found our play group so they could introduce us to all these fun things.