Friday, May 30, 2008

Playgroup Party (5/28)

We had Garrett's party with his playgroup on his actual 2nd birthday. When people would ask how old he was, he would proudly say "2!" We celebrated with Garrett's little friend Kelly, who is 2 on the 10th of June. Good times had by all.

Using the big-boy swing

Kelly in her cute dress

That's a watermelon rind, which he WILL eat if you don't provide him with another piece of watermelon!!

Bonnie and Kelly

Off to the potty!

Yummy Ice Cream Cake (I did the lettering and Clifford)

Off to play!!
And with that, Garrett is two. I was talking to my boss on the way home, glanced down at the clock and it was 12:55. Amazing how fast the time goes. We came home, and took Nana, Grandma and Aunt Stephie to the airport. Garrett loves to see the airplanes when we go to the airport. Back to the usual grind here now. I spent Thursday working and doing fun things with Garrett. We played in the rain and then spent 5 hours at the pool. He's such a busy boy!!


Leanne said...

happy belated birthday Garret! He is so adorable and you look great! I also love your new layout page!

JenFen said...

That looks like one great party - love the cake and his matching shirt and now I know where you are going in the avatar photo - to the potty. LOL!