Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun Halloween here. Things were a little crazy--Brad and Garrett went to Oklahoma for a mini-family reunion of sorts, and to go to Oklahoma State's homecoming game. They didn't get home till late Sunday night. Garrett's school had a dance and "Character day"--each student was supposed to be dressed as a character from a book. Garrett took his "Meet the Autobots" book from Grandma Sherry's summer reading program a few years ago.

Of course he was Optimus Prime. Grandma sent us an awesome mask, and I made the shirt with some duct tape and permanent markers. Since I hate sewing, this was a nice compromise and it turned out cute. Summer dressed as a lady bug. Its been rainy here, but the clouds broke long enough for us to go to the local Trunk or Treat event. There weren't many trunks to treat from because of the weather,

Garrett's action shots. This kid is so full of character. :-)

Summer was just all cute sweetness. But she did keep "Expecto Patronus"-ing her brother with the wand. Too much HP!!

The Great Pumpkin Fairy made her annual visit to the house and left the kids goodies. Garrett got a seek and find picture book and Summer got playdough. And Brad got LOTS AND LOTS of candy to take to work :-)