Saturday, May 03, 2008

04/22/08 Day 2


(Local Time, which is same as mountain in the states). Things could not have been smoother once we landed. The line for customs was long, but went very quickly. Costa Rican Trails, the company Virgin Vacations subs out to for the package we took, has been fantastic. They met us right as we got through customs and took us to our hotel (picture is from the van while we were en route). The Hotel Britannia is a beautiful old house turned hotel room. My only complaint is that the food in the restaurant is overpriced and the customer service was lacking in the restaurant. The rest of the staff is friendly and helpful, and the room is pretty.

San Jose is something else . . . crowded and noisy with larges buses belching smoke everywhere. It wouldn't be a place I would come to on purpose. We had a fantastic lunch in this beautiful house-converted restaurant, the Moro Cafe (photo below). Then Brad and I spent the evening walking ~3km from our hotel to search out Cuban Cigars for him. It was an interesting walk across the city, to say the least! Brad got his cigars and now has 8 true cubans to enjoy over the next 8 days (his early fathers day present).

This morning we were up at 6am local time and had breakfast here at the hotel--fresh fruit, OJ and toast. Now we are just waiting to meet our Costa Rican Trails rep and get our car, so we can truly begin our vacation!!

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