Saturday, May 03, 2008

04/21/08 Day 1


Leaving Garrett was a lot harder this time around than it was in December when we went to St. John. Maybe it is just because of the pregnancy hormones, but I cried this time. I 60% wish he was coming, but I know we will have a blast without him and that he will so enjoy his time with the Criders. Maybe the sadness is because I know he understands things better, or because he is so much FUN right now. Who knows. He didn't seem sad when we left, just said "Mommy, HUG!" He seemed excited at the prospect of spending time with the Crider clan.

Anyway, enough mommy reflection. We're at the airport, waiting for our turn through security. We got here nice and early and there was no one here. It took less than 30 minutes to check in. I love that my new phone has an MP3 player right about now--welcome to the 21st century, me! I should have put some Linkin Park on, but oh well. I'm enjoying my personal blend of 3 Days Grace, Brad Paisley, and a couple of instrumental pieces from Last of the Mohicans (who mixes those three, anyway!) I also have a few fun pictures of Garrett from the pool the other day to look at on here, for when I miss him. He was playing in the kiddy pool with his "googles!" on. He loves them, even though they don't come close to fitting his head!!

13:10 (still EST)
We're over Central America now. We have had a nice flight so far--security could have been better--apparently we warranted being searched not once, but twice!! Lucky us . . . Anyway, now we are hitting a rough patch, so more once we have landed in Costa Rica!

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