Monday, March 31, 2008

The things he says!

Today in the car, Garrett kept saying "bichy" . . . I am sitting there thinking, OKAY, WHEN did I say b*tchy for him to hear so he could repeat it! He kept saying it, and I finally figured out it is BITSY as in the Itsy Bitsy Spider. So I asked him if he wanted "Itsy Bitsy" and he said YEAH, like come on mom of COURSE that is what I want. I utter a sigh of relief because I have not yet taught my son a bad word. Go me! :-)

He says so much now, and is just fun. At night he will ask Brad or I to "sit" with him in his bed and read, and will hug you and repeat SIT when you try to leave. He's such a love, he loves to give hugs and kisses. He always says "Hayee, Dood Dirl!" (That means Haylee, Good Girl) as he is chasing her around the house and she is running for her life :-)

We went to the zoo this after noon for a little while, and he spent almost an hour in the reptile exhibit, talking about/to the snakes and lizards. I would tell him where to find the well camouflaged ones, and he would repeat their location and then say "See him!" He was obsessed with getting to the snakes though, probably because our neighbors have one and he has touched him. Can't beat hands on experience.

My biggest challenge at the zoo, however, was keeping Garrett OUT OF THE DUCK POND. That kid is majorly attracted to all water at this time. I wish our pool would open.

Pardon the drifting nature of this post--its late and I should crash. More pictures soon!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Garrett's new pool

The pool that isn't really ours, but that we use anyway, has been closed for the past week. All Garrett has been asking for is to "swim" and go "swimmin'?" It's super cute, and I feel bad always telling him he can't go. Lately he has decided to try to swim in the lake, which is so *not* cool. So today Brad and I went out and got him a nice little pool at Toys R Us for (are you ready for this??) . . . $9.99! So worth it. When we showed it to him, he got sooo excited. "Pooolll!!! Swimmin!!!"

He LOVES to walk around in it with his hands, with the rest of his body floating. I'm thinking its a GREAT way for him to learn how to float, since all he does right now is SINK!!

But he's definately improving in the swimming department--we went to the beach yesterday with our neighbors and he would just go charging into the water after their kids. He has no fear, and doesn't mind going under. He can usually get himself back up. And he can SWIM (honost to goodness, with very little help from me) if you just give him a noodle. Oh, and he is totally showing interest in mask and snorkel. If we can only find one SMALL enough for him! But he's definately a water baby. As my mother-in-law pointed out--what did we expect?? Needless to say, this pregnant mommy is gonna enjoy sitting in the pool playing with Garrett. :-)

Claire, the neighbor's youngest, came over to play.
Garrett tackles Claire . . .

And Claire takes her revenge!! :-)

Remember this?

These were taken July 27, 2006. Garrett was one day short of 2 months old. Now compare those to these that I took last week, when Garrett was one day shy of **22** months old. Oh, my how time flies and how my little man has changed! Keep in mind the pictures were hard to get because he would not STOP RUNNING AROUND!!! :-)

Thursday, March 27, 2008


We had a pretty laid back Easter. We had gone to Key West the night before, and got stuck for three hours due to an accident on US1. So we didn't even get home until Midnight. I got up for Sunrise Service and left my boys to sleep in, along with Grandpa, Jay and Nana 'Dina. We got home and dyed eggs, and did a little mini-egg hunt of our own.

Garrett had TOO MUCH fun dying eggs, it was quiet fun. He kept asking for "more". He wanted to dunk them himself. Adina gave him this great basket with chalk eggs and some adorable puppets that he loves.

Total picture overload below. Enjoy--maybe it makes up for not posting much in the past few weeks!! I seriously couldn't narrow down the picture selection any more than this, there were too many funny faces. And don't mind Garrett's "Sunday best"--we didn't even bother to get him out of his PJs, just took his shirt off! (I see all these pictures of kids in their easter outfits and can't help but laugh . . . if we aren't at church, we're lucky if Garrett has on a shirt and a pair of pants at all!!)

"Pretty"--like my bracelet?

If you blow on the eggs, they will dry faster!!

The egg dipper thing has been a big hit since Sunday!

I don't even KNOW what this face is :-)

Garrett says "Cheese!"

My two favorite boys in the world. I'd be lost without either of them.

With our CARS easter basket!

First egg hunt (it was raining, but Garrett didn't mind!)

He opened the egg, found the chocolate, and was trying to eat it with the wrapper on!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. As fowl as the weather was here over the weekend, the clouds parted for a beautiful sunrise for our church's sunrise service.

Garrett is 22 months tomorrow. I can't believe he will be 2 in just two short months. It seems like just yesterday I was thinking he would never GET HERE :-) Other than that, we're just recovering from a crazy few months of company and being sick. At least we have a few weeks of normalcy . . . in mid-April, my neighbors go away for a week and I will be helping keep an eye on their kids, then Brad and I are off to Costa Rica for one last hurrah before we add another kid to this family!

Visiting with "Grandma/pa", Jay, and Nana 'Dina

Garrett had a great visit with my dad, brother and step mom this week. Apparently, though, this is the branch of the family he has decided to take naming liberties with. For whatever reason, he decided my brother Ali would become "Jay" and that my dad would be "Grandma" Or "Grandpa". . . silly little man!!

We went to Pinecrest Gardens, which is where all the pictures below were taken. Even though the weather was poopy, we did plenty of fun stuff--beach, Key West, and just plain ole visiting. Ali took a lot more pictures of their trip than I did, hopefully I can procure them :-) Garrett had an absolute BLAST feeding bread to the fishies!

Monday, March 17, 2008

No new pictures . . .

But I had to post and say my kid is so much fun right now. He is talking SO much. Whenever we read or do flash cards, he repeats everything I say. He has this new DT book and LOVES repeating everything. "Dozer" "Forkwift" "Lights!". He'll bring it to me, crying "Dozer, dozer".

He can identify a ton of stuff now--different animals, trains, cars, trucks, lizards, birds. Its just amazing. I look at where he was a year ago, and the transformation is insane.

You really must see his bed. If he has a book or toy or stuffed animal he is fond of, he takes it to bed with him, and there it stays. We have his new toddler bed ready to be set up, and I honostly wonder if it will HOLD all of the stuff he sleeps with. His sleep routine is EXCELLENT right now. Naps aren't usually too much of a battle, and once we get him in his PJs, he'll get into bed after his books and just go to sleep. We have actually started leaving the gate open at night so he can get out when he wakes up and come to our room--he doesn't even get out of bed when we leave the room anymore. We'll see how he adjusts to changing rooms here in a few weeks. I have it almost cleaned out. Brad just has to find the time to start painting!

He loves to play with his friends. He'll just follow my fabulous neighbor kids around and do whatever they are doing. It is fun to have a big family right next door, and to feel like a part of it.

Garrett's other favorite thing right now is "people". He loves to say "People! Outside!" when he spots people. Or he'll ask for his little people for his car. He's just silly and fun. He'll ask about the baby, and point to my tummy (which is getting rounder!). He loves the dogs more now than ever. He will just walk up and pat Aspen. And occasionally he will walk up and jump on him. They are one of the first things he asks about in the morning.

So that's really all that's going on here. I'm back to feeling semi-human again, although insomnia has been a problem the past few nights. As evidenced by my 3am blog entry. Garrett is making fewer boogers, and isn't sleeping all day like he was there for a few days. Brad is just busy, like always, doing all those things daddys do. It's time of college hoops to get serious, after all!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I love where we live . . .

I've been feeling majorly frustrated lately, between being endlessly sick and not having a car. But today I managed to get Garrett and the puppies out for a walk, and saw the coolest thing. A bald eagle was soaring over our community. Not an every day sight, that is for sure!! Garrett loved it, he keeps asking to go outside and asking "Birdie, birdie?" He's such a nature buff.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our trip to Atlanta

We went to Atlanta this past weekend for a Discovery Toys regional spring Kickoff. It was fun . . . the new spring products are AWESOME this year, and there is a ton of fun stuff I know Garrett is going to love. Brad and Garrett went to a state park in Northern GA for hiking on Sunday and had a blast. Garrett and I were both still feeling pretty sick, but we still had fun. Poor Garrett had a hard time sleeping at night, he kept asking for his own bed. Here are some pictures from their hiking trip (taken by Brad of course)

We received our vouchers for our Discovery Toys incentive trip last night. Looks like we are HOPEFULLY going to be headed to Costa Rica for a week . . . how sweet is THAT?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nana and Pawpaw's visit

Garrett misses his Nana and Pawpaw.

Garrett, Xander and Logan

Finally some pictures.

Here are Baby Logan, Xander and Garrett from a few weeks ago. Garrett is so sad they aren't coming over anymore, he asked about them SO many times today. So we went to visit this evening, he was on cloud 9!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Quick Catchup

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately . . . believe me when I say it has been an insane month, and that this pregnancy is kicking my butt.

Things that happened in February:
1. I started having Xander and Logan over again, and more than normal due to their dad's training schedule at a new job. It has been IMPOSSIBLE on top of how tired and sick I have been feeling. Thankfully, this week is their last week here, they start daycare next week. Sad about it too, but it will offer their parents more flexibility. Garrett adores having both of them here though. He LOVES "Bebe Logie" and will be very sad when they don't come over anymore.

2. Potty training! Garrett got serious about sitting on the potty. That fell by the wayside with number 4 . . .

3. Brad's car broke. Again. So he has my Yukon, and I have no car. Sort of an okay thing due to #1 and #2, but I get so sick of not being able to do ANYTHING.

4. Brad's Grandparents came for a visit. Garrett loved having "Nana and Papa". Then poor Papa fell and got a hairline pelvic fracture, extending and totally changing the tone of their trip. the good thing was they got to spend a lot more time with Garrett. You have to know Dave to understand he can't stand sitting still for long, so recovery is extra hard for him. They made it home safe and sound . . . and only slightly worse for the wear.

So, that's February in review, very briefly. I am very sick right now, my midwife thinks the flu. I can hardly function. We are going to Atlanta this weekend for a DT thing, and my dad is coming two weeks from today. Busy, busy! I have a few pictures from the past month, will try to post them soon. I am 13 weeks on Friday, and ready to get out of my first trimester!!