Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy, crazy, crazy

That's pretty much the only way to describe how things have been around here. After we got back from Sea World, we had a playdate pretty much every day. Work has picked up, I had to go into the office all weekend, yada, yada, yada. I don't really have any new pictures to share, by the time I lug both kids, I certainly don't want to lug my camera. I think a smaller camera bag is on my Christmas wishlist. . . so thanks to Veronica and Monica for these pictures from some of our playdates in the past week.
G at the zoo

Garrett, Evan and Corbin checking out animals from the bench
(How ingenous, they can see without being lifted!)

Corbin, Kianna, Sidney and Garrett @ the coolest park!
Other news--Summer turned 2 months, then 9 weeks . . . she's growing up so fast. She is cooing alot, and is just such a joy. Garrett is crazy--sleeping a shade better, and interacting with his friends a ZILLION times better. He's a NASCAR nut, and is getting quiet the collection of cars going. If it doesn't have wheels, he really doesn't play with it anymore. He's pretty crafty though--his favorite thing right now is a Cars stamp kit I bought at the Dollar store. Everything he makes, he makes for Daddy. Today we made cupcakes for the first time, and he REALLY enjoyed that and was actually a really good helper. And he REALLY enjoyed eating the cupcake.

I'm still on the workout bandwagon, whenever I can find the time. Obviously it didn't happen this weekend with all the hours I put in at the lab, but Brad and I went for a nice 4 mile power walk this evening while my neighbor babysat, and then I worked out with my neighbor for almost another hour. It was actually really nice to have company for a while! I'm still not seeing any weight results, but whatever--I feel better for it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun-filled, busy weekend

We decided last minute to head out to Orlando late Thursday night rather than Friday morning, and had a WONDERFUL time on our trip. The kids were great on the way up--Summer slept the ENTIRE way because it was her normal bedtime. Garrett chatted and sang and read books for almost 2 hours, before passing out around 8:30 in the car. He was so excited, he kept saying "I want to go to Sea World!" the whole way up. Once we got to the hotel, he did a reasonable job of falling asleep. We were up at the crack of dawn, thanks to Garrett, and were sitting at the gates @ Sea World waiting for them to open.

The first thing we did on Friday was feed the stingrays. I think we spent an entire hour there, Garrett thought it was the coolest thing ever. If we would have let him, he would have happily slithered right into the tank with them. They were really active while we were there, poking their heads out of the water and doing all sorts of other crazy things. When he and Brad fed them, they literally SWARMED around. Garrett was SOAKED by the time all was said and done.

Next we went to the underwater viewing for the dolphins. Garrett seriously thought that was the coolest thing ever. He was running around trying to see them all. And the dolphins were playing with balls, which of course Garrett thought was neat as could be.

Next we went and did the Wild Arctic exhibit. To "get there" we rode The Polar Express. Garrett of course thought it was cool. Brad and I were not impressed. They had the whole Arctic exhibit set up with Christmas decorations, complete with Santa. Yeah, Garrett was NOT impressed by Santa at all. He insisted "Santa's scary!". It pretty much ruined the whole Arctic exhibit--we were looking at Belugas and Walruses and Garrett was still saying "I don't like Santa, he's scary!"

We had a picnic lunch in the parking lot, then came back in for more fun. Garrett finally fell asleep in the stroller. Brad and I went to the whale and dolphin show with him, thinking he would wake up during the show, but he slept through the whole thing. While these pictures aren't the best, you need to understand we were at the TOP of the stadium--I love my camera!
Dolphins throwing trainer in air (I missed it, but still a decent pic)
Of course Garrett woke up as soon as the show was over, so we went to see Clyde and Seymore Take Pirate Island. Garrett really enjoyed it, but the whole time after he kept saying "No more pirates!" He's so silly. Summer actually watched this whole show too--other than that, she slept most of the day.

That was it for day 1. We met Nick and Lindsey and their kids for dinner at the Olive Garden. Garrett was amazingly well behaved considering it was WAY past his bed time. Once we got back, getting him to bed was crazy insane. We won't be going anywhere else any time soon, it was so bad, but that's another story.

Day 2, we started out by feeding the dolphins. They've changed the rules there, so that EVERY adult who goes in (and every kid over 3) has to buy a tray of fish at $7 a pop . . . so I went across the lagoon and took pictures instead. It ended up working out nicely, I got some decent shots. Garrett was sooo excited by this, he had been talking about it all week . . . "I'm gonna feed those dolphins. They're gonna LICK ME!" (Not sure where THAT came from!)

After that, we went and spent another half hour with the stingrays. That was by far his favorite part of the weekend. We went for a drive to get him to take a nap, then had another picnic lunch. We saw the "Pets Ahoy" show, which ended up being super cute. Garrett kept saying "I want more puppies and kitties". We did a few other things, then went to see Shamu's show. Garrett was pretty fried by then, and I don't think he really enjoyed it that much. We headed back to the hotel after that.
Brad and Garrett played at the hotel playground Saturday evening, and then we had to struggle with him to get to bed again. But the upside was we were ALL asleep by 7 and pretty much slept through the night until 6:30. So it was some good much needed rest.

We got up in the morning, checked out of the hotel, had breakfast at IHOP, then drove an hour to Kennedy Space Center. It was soooo cool! Garrett was on his best behavior while we were there--probably due to the wonderfully long night of sleep he had. He was excited by the space ships until we did an exhibit they had on robots, then that was all he would talk about.
Me and the kids in front of the Explorer replica and the rockets.
Rocket Garden

They had this awesome Playground that Garrett just loved.

This thing was so cool!

T-38 Jet the astronauts train in
(Garrett says "I want to drive it!")

Launch platform that Endeavor left from on Friday
Our drive home was uneventful--we had a great trip. Summer was a breeze, and Garrett was good if we overlook the whole bedtime issue.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This week, in the Compton Family

Things are getting way to busy here for me to post as often as I have been. Work is picking up, working out is taking up ANY free time I may have, and so on . . . its not a bad thing though. As long as I get an hour of cardio during the week, I'm a happy girl. If I don't get to work out, not so much--no me time=grumpy mommy!

The kids are great. Garrett is still a miserable sleeper, but we continue to work on it. Summer continues to be a great sleeper and such an easy baby. She is EIGHT WEEKS today, which I can't believe. Garrett loves her to pieces, he always asks where she is and wants to check on her when he can't see her. They take a bath together now--Garrett will say "Summer come too!" and as soon as she is out, he gets out. Its also helpful because it helps keep him calmer. He has learned if he plays too hard and splashes her, or is too loud, it makes her cry and he doesn't like that. He'll apologize and give her a kiss.

Other than that, we've been up to more of the same old stuff. Summer and I went to a baby shower on Saturday. She was so easy, I never could have done that when Garrett was an infant! We did a playdate on Tuesday and had our "Preschool" day on Wednesday. Garrett loved that, of course! We did a fall theme, and Ms. Allison always does such a great job. Garrett had a blast. We've spent a little bit of time visiting with the Criders and the Shumans. So that's what we've been up to--busy, but good!

This weekend, Brad is taking off Friday and we are going to Orlando to visit Sea World for a couple of days, and we are also going to visit Kennedy Space Center. Garrett is already excited about "Spaceships, Penguins, and SILLY Puffins!" We're so excited to get away.

G and Miss Allison
(Garrett loved the new mats she got for the kids to sit on!)

Fun with leaves. How cool is that??
Like her brother, Summer has many faces, and loves to stick her tounge out! :-)

My big boy!

Summer and I at the shower.

Not that you can tell from my big ole tummy, but I've already lost about 5 inches off my waist. I'm still sitting about 10lbs heavier than when I got pregnant with Summer, but my weight has shifted alot. For fun comparision, here we are in mid July in KC, when Garrett was about Summer's age. He was sooooo little (and BALD!!)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Summer is already 7 weeks old . . .

I can't believe she's only been here for seven weeks. She's already so big and so active! She has outgrown all the 0-3 stuff, and most of the Carter's "3 month" stuff. She's cooing and smiling. This picture is the closest I have gotten so far in capturing the adorable smile.

Sorry I haven't posted much. Things have been crazy since Friday. Saturday was the boat show, and when we got home from that I swam laps for an hour. Sunday we spent the morning at home, catching up on things, and then Brad and I went out ALONE to dinner. It was sooo nice to be out of the house together. Thanks to Lisa, of course, who watched the kiddos for us.

I'm officially back to work, and that is keeping me busy. I usually work in the morning when it's just Garrett and I, a little in the afternoon, and then do the bulk in the evening when everyone (often including Brad) is asleep. We're trying to get a report out the door right now, so things are extra busy. On top of that and just dealing with the kids, I've been continuing to work out at least 30 minutes (and shooting for 40) every single day.

Monday we went to My Gym and then had lunch with Daddy at a park near his office. While we were waiting for Brad to come, to little twin 2 year old girls decided to check out a sleeping Summer in her car seat. Garrett immediately stopped what he was doing and said "That's MY baby summer!" and came running over to make sure they didn't bother his little sister. When asked his name at my gym, his initial answer was "Summer!!" :-) Even after seven weeks of sharing his house and his family with her, he is still genuinely likes her. If she isn't with us, he asks where she is. He asks to hold her and loves to give her toys and kisses. He also likes to rock her in the swing:

Tuesday we went to the zoo with the Crider clan and had a blast. Garrett loves hanging out with the kids--he acts like he's from a family of 5!! :-) Wednesday ended up being a work day, and we stayed home. Summer has also developed a very stuffy nose, so we stayed home again today.

Here's your photofix for the week!

And my crazy man . . . showing of "Puppy" stickers Grandma Becky sent him.

Puppy Boy

On the day after Halloween, while I was at the pool doing laps, Garrett brought his "Puppy" costume to daddy. It was his backup trick or treat costume. Brad put it on him, and Garrett declared "I ready to go trick or treat now!" He looked too cute.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Checkups and Trick-Or-Treating

The last day of October proved to be a busy one. I took the kids to the Doctor, and we took Garrett trick or treating for the first time.

Summer weighs 10lbs, 12oz. She turned 6 weeks on Thursday. The little piggy has continued to gain an ounce a day! Keep in mind Garrett was only 9lbs, 7oz at the same age. Garrett is now 32lbs. He's gone from being way below the "normal" weight curve to the 75 percentile. Garrett got 2 shots . . . we're seperating out the MMR, so he got one of those and then his final meningitis shot. He did pretty well, he kept saying "I'm scared!" while we were waiting for the shots and then started saying "Ow" before he got it. He cried, but we got some M&Ms from the waiting room and that made it ALL better.

Trick-or-treat was a blast. I was debating even going, because Garrett didn't nap and had been a bit of a pill all afternoon, but he did great. He walked all the way around our block and loved knocking on doors. He wanted to CARRY all of his candy in his hand though, and wanted everyone to give him M&Ms. He's so silly. Summer was a pea in a pod, and slept the entire time in the sling. I didn't take a single picture, because it was too fun just watching Garrett having a great time. He wore his flippers ALL the way around the neighborhood, too!

Happy Halloween everyone. And now, another month is done. November here we come!