Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Christmas Randomness

 I have been terrible about posting.  The last half of the year has been very busy between work, training, school, etc. etc.  Rather than try to catch up, I'm just going to try and start off on a good note.  Here are some pictures from the holidays.

Summer with one of the reindeer

Garrett's random Angry Birds Art
 Tree decorating


 My one attempt at Christmas pictures.  They just didn't happen this year.

We met Santa. 

 Summer did not like Santa.
 But they liked their animals (and gave them to Daddy)

Christmas Morning shots

 And this weekend we did a crazy thing called the Ragnar Relay.  You can read about that on Life Beyond the Chaos
I'm going to attempt to be better this year about taking pictures and posting here.  I was terrible about both this year.  I went to put together my Christmas calendars and realized how few pictures I had taken.  I still haven't gotten out my Christmas gifts to the family that didn't come to see us.  Hopefully I'll do better in 2013!