Monday, April 23, 2007


Things have been so crazy that Garrett has only been to a South Florida beach once, and that was last year. He was only in the ocean when we were in St. John in January. Unacceptable for a member of our family! So we finally went to the beach as a family again. Garrett had a blast. The water was cold, but he didn't care, he floated in his little boat for hours on end. His favorite land-based activity was beating on the cooler. He then found a mangrove propogule and drew in the sand and on his boat with it. Such fun! In a few weeks we are renting a boat with Xander's family, it should family. . . now THAT should be fun!

Somebody needs a haircut!

This picture is about a week old. It is worse now . . . I am going to have to break down and do it soon. There aren't many firsts left for us to have :-( My little guy is growing up too fast!

Busy boy

It's so hard to get a good pic when he won't hold still!!


Garrett navigating the stairs. I have to get some video on You Tube of this, I took it but have to make the movie. . . he is oh so careful about going down . . . you can see the look of concentration in the first picture!

Best things about living on a lake

We get lots of wading birds, but lately we have an added bonus. The ducks have little ducklings, they are too cute. The ducks themselves are annoying, they eat our baby palm trees and come running when they see you because people feed them, but the babies are so cute. One of the ducks has 40 ducklings with her, I HOPE she is the nanny duck of the pond, or else she has been really busy :-D

Beautiful Weather

The weather has been beautiful outside . . . we have had the windows open and have gone out to play with the dogs pretty much every day in the back yard. Garrett loves to sit and watch the pups and the birds, play with the grass and his toys . . . he is such an out-doorsy baby! I dread summer, when it gets so hot here you break a sweat just from thinking about stepping outside. We have had the windows open for over a week and it has been so nice . . . with May comes heat, hurricane season, mosquitos and rain. Bleah! So we will take the good stuff while we can.

Go banana!!

Yes, that is a whole banana Garrett is eating. He now eats 2 for breakfast. No joke. Can you say PIGGIE??? :-D

Good Grey Dog

Aspen has become both Garrett and Xander's favorite jungle gym. As you can see, he is not bothered. He doesn't even wake up! Good grey dog!! He is such a sweet boy, and Garrett just loves his pups!


Garrett and Xander sharing cheerios at my house, then playing with cooking utensils at Jess's place . . . silly boys!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're waving!

Garrett is finally waving. Seems to do it mostly to himself. My friend pointed out that when we wave, its at him, so why shouldn't he wave at himself too! Its pretty cute, it was like a little lightblub came on. I have lots of pics and videos to upload, hope to do that soon. We finally installed a gate for the top and bottom of the stairs. He is going up quiet well, and will go down the first section without a problem. Lately our new favorite thing to do is go play in the back yard with H&A, the weather has been beautiful. Garrett will play in the grass and have a good ole time.

Not much else to report, work (x3) is busy which is why I haven't written much!

Oh, and Brad and I decided to go to St. John for our anniversary in December. Something to look forward to! Brad's folks will come stay with Garrett and the puppies, so we will get a break from everything. Second honeymoon, here we come!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Belated 10 month stats

At 10 months, Garrett is crawling and cruising with a vengence, can climb the stairs, and will eat anything. While he was sick, he only nursed and reverted back to baby food. No more. His favorites are brocolli, any fruit, and any meat. He didn't like bananas, but suddenly changed his mind and ate a half one all by himself (the WHOLE half banana, it wasn't even cut up!). He can say mama, dada, bubba (Aspen's nickname), Haywee. He will squeal whenever he sees a puppy. He waved at my friend's dog when we went for a visit (but would not wave at my neighbor). At his checkup when he was sick, we weighed 15lbs even and was 26 inches--tiny but mighty! He loves to pound on things (takes after his uncle the drummer), loves music. He can put balls in holes and seems to be getting the hang of color discrimination on the Hammer Away (go Discovery Toys!). He loves it when his daddy comes home from work and likes to hold either Mommy or Daddy's hand if he is in his stroller during walks. I have been blessed with a wonderfully tempered, happy little man!

Sorry it took me so long to get caught up, now I hope all you Grandparents are happy!!! Miss you all bunches!

Hugs, puppy kisses and baby drool!


After the Egg Hunt, Garrett and I took Jess, Xander and Chris on their first trip to the Everglades. Here the boys are at the Visitors Center. Too bad Xander napped and missed all the cool alligators!

That's it folks, I am all caught up. I haven't taken nearly as many pics the past few months. Chalk it up to having a subject who can't stand to be still for more than a few seconds!

Community Easter Egg Hunt

Garrett and the other community "babies" at the Easter Egg hunt over Easter Weekend. Poor Xander missed out on the fun on the account of a nap. Garrett only found 2 eggs, he was terribly unimpressed with the grass and didn't see any reason to crawl and get more. But a fun first egg hunt, all the same! He got to hang out with one of his favorite neighbors, Miss Garnet, who adores him!

Boogers away!

Garrett playing with the "Hammer Away" . . . would have been a great pic for my Discovery Toys website if not for the big boogie hanging out of his nose! Gross. Being a mom is fun :-D Pic from 4.7

Mr. Climber

Someone has started to climb things. Including the ENTIRE stair case. And his walker. He was trying to get the toy on the floor. With the stairs, I stay right behind him. He will go up the entire thing, which is no small feat! This pic is from 4.4

Flying a kite! 04.01.07

We went to the park to fly our new Discovery Toys kite (ordered for Brad's benifit!)


While Garrett was sick, he would only sleep if I was rocking him. I had to document this with a picture, because he just won't sleep like that on a normal day. Such a sweet boy. He was even a very good sick baby, happy as ever!


Garrett and his buddy Xander!

The crazy return from Missouri

We ended up coming home a day later than planned from MO. Poor Garrett was sick and we really didn't want to fly with him as sick as he was. We finally made it home, and spent the next week dealing with the flu, yuck! Everyone is almost back to human in our household . . . ALMOST!


It wasn't enough for us to go to MO, no we had to then DRIVE to Colorado so Brad could go snow skiing and we could see my Dad and Garrett's uncle Ali. We drove up to Winter Park so Brad could ski, and it snowed almost a foot while we were there. Garrett REFUSED to keep a hat on his head, and had a grand old time with the snow.
Snug as a bug in the mei tai!
Can you see Brad?
It looks like Christmas!! In MARCH??
Garrett in the Mei Tai reaching for the camera!


Brad had to go to Kansas for work. Which meant we ALL went to Missouri . . . Brad's parents live there, and his Grandparents came up to see Garrett too. The weather was pretty nice, so we went to the park and Garrett enjoyed the swing.

We didn't have a highchair, so Garrett often found himself begging for food next to cousin Rooke!
Garrett and Pawpaw

Learning to use the snack trap!

Ain't he cute?


Garrett enjoying his Grandma and Grandpa when they came for a visit. He sure does look like his Grandma!!


Garrett demoing Discovery Toys products at our first show! He is the bestest little helper ever!


Cute outfit from our friends Barbie and Raul! Came in handy during a cold snap. Too bad Garrett wouldn't hold still long enough for a good pic!

Finally an update!

Things have been INSANE around here . . . sorry it has taken me so long to update things, and it will probably take a little while to REALLY get things up to date! But here goes.

Basically, I started my Discovery Toys business, and it has been BOOMING and keeping me super busy. Our DSL went down, and by the time we got it back up we were really behind. Then between work, Discovery Toys, and watching my friend's son Xander, there was TOO much going on!

The next group of posts will be pics