Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our busy day on Monday

On Monday, we dropped Brad off at work at 7 so Garrett and I could go to My Gym with our playgroup. After My Gym, we went to an Environmental Center that one of our group's mommies works at. It was a blast!! Garrett was clingy at My Gym, but INSISTED on walking everywhere at the Environmental Center, pushing Blue Puppy in the stroller. Silly little man! He fell asleep on the way home from that, but then wanted to play outside as soon as he woke up. I, for one, was pooped! We even went to the pool in the afternoon so he could swim. Seriously, he never slows down. Today is the first day in 4 days we haven't been to the pool . . . he opted to play outside with his trike, chalk and his mower instead.

Garrett loves this slide

And the rings are his FAVORITE!

Garrett: Turtle!
Mommy: Actually, Garrett, that's a tortoise. He lives on land. Can you say tortoise?
Garrett: Turtle!!
(With friend Paula)

Convo with friend Tommy

Iguana. No zoom lense required. He was REALLY close!
I would tell Garrett to stay back, and he would say "Bite you!" That's right Garrett, get to close, he may do just that!

All of the kids standing around watching the iguana
Baby Alligator. Garrett wasn't too sure about him whenever he squirmed.

Bunny! Garrett thought the bunny was super cool. He hugged him at least 4 times.

Garrett pushing Blue Puppy in the stroller. He was the only little midget who insisted on walking EVERYWHERE. He hardly ever rides in the stroller anymore, but at least he pushes it.

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