Saturday, May 24, 2008

Major PT success

For the past 3 days, Garrett has been accident free and in undies for the entire day (save naps). He still can't figure out poop, but he has been to the zoo, on multiple shopping excursions, and more. AND his Grandma is here and he is still successful. Go Garrett! I am so proud of him!!


-Bridget said...

Go Garrett!!

Hartley's said...

We are done- A is trained. Except for at night. She can poop or pee anywhere, that was proved while we were driving to orlando, at a hotel and two different parks. I am glad it is over! While I still expect regression, she is totally disgusted at the idea of going in a pull up or diaper.... Garett will be there soon! Yeah!

JenFen said...

Major congrts on your major PT sucess. I am SO impressed with all your efforts and G's receptiveness to it. I will definitely be hitting you up for advice as I dive into PTing Jadyn this summer. Especially since Jake was (yikes!) 3 1/2 before we were done PTing him.