Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Playing in the rain (again)

Garrett requested I go out to the car, in the rain, to fetch his Thomas train. He, of course, followed me out, and refused to come back in. He played out there for almost 20 minutes, then insisted on visiting our neighbors (after standing in between our houses calling "Nayna, Nayna, Nayyyyyna" for 5 minutes to no avail). He was playing with the water coming off the ginger plants, in addition to the rain and the water coming off the roof. No wonder he has a boogery nose. But he was having too much fun to drag in--I am a sucker for playing in the rain!!

My Gym pics

Garrett LOVES the ball pitThis thing is 5 feet high, he climbed it himself!

Bubbles, yeah!

Always loving the trampoline too!

Day 1 in the toddler bed, successes and failures

Success: He actually SLEPT IN the bed last night
Failure: He took a 30 minute nap and spent most of his allocated nap time wailing to be let out of his room. He even managed to dislodge the gate once. Not fun for pregnant mommy who has been up since 6:30.
Success: Tonight it took him 10 minutes to fall asleep--woot!

No more crib

Last night Garrett was not to thrilled about going to bed. As we were walking out of the room he climbed out of his crib using a stuffed animal as a step. So we took the animals out, DH swore he couldn't get out without that to stand on. Maybe 5 minutes later, we heard a thunk. Then Garrett's door opened and he came running out, pleased as pie with himself. No worse for the wear. Thankfully we already had everything to convert his crib to a toddler bed. He'll stay in the convertable crib for a few months, until his new room is ready, then he is getting a twin bed.

Thankfully Garrett didn't hurt himself. It took him an hour to go to sleep though, and then he got up at 6:30!! Yuck! He's in a FINE mood . . . I, on the other hand, am in serious need of a nap!

Monday, January 21, 2008

USCG Auxilliary Change of Watch

This past Saturday, Brad and I went on a BIG date night to the Change of Watch for his CG Auxiliary Flotilla. The USCG Auxiliary is a strange and unique beast--although they are volunteers, the directly and indirectly assist the Coast Guard. They wear essentially the same uniform as the "Gold Side", as they refer to the active duty members, but have no law enforcement capabilities. Anyway, Brad was instituted as a "Staff Officer" . . . he will take care of finances for his flotilla. Interesting stuff!! My man looks good in uniform :-) Dana watched Garrett for us, and her mom was kind enough to shoot a couple pictures of us all gussied up. Yay for a few decent family pics for a change.

I was very sick on Sunday. Fabulous . . . but oh well, small price to pay for a new addition. We didn't let it stop us from attending the local art fest at UM. But I have definately had better days! More later, we did My Gym again today. I need to SLEEP!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy day yesterday

We had a super busy day yesterday. Playdate in the morning, then off to the zoo with our friends Jessica, Alex and Gabriel. Garrett had a blast. He had so much fun playing with the boys! Gabriel is older, and Garrett is totally into hanging out with older kids these days. They played trains and had fun chasing each other around. Garrett walked a LOT while we were at the zoo, which was sort of a first for him. I just can't get over how big he is getting!! He went on his first train ride while we were at the zoo, the monorail that goes around the whole zoo. It was fun, but we did it in the afternoon and the two younger boys were just DONE and ready to head home. We had a minor meltdown, but everyone survived. :-)

Not much new here. We are going to an art festival at UM tomorrow. I am feeling decent, just a little morning sickness. I am exhausted, but can't even seem to get a nap it, even when Garrett does sleep well. Today we are just hanging around the house, trying to rest up.

Garrett and I at the playdate

Garrett enjoying the playground at Evelyn Greer

Garrett riding the train at the zoo

Gabriel on the train

Jessica and Alex

Thursday, January 17, 2008

At the mall

We met Garrett's friend Kelly and her mom Bonnie at the mall today for an impromptu playdate. Since Garrett also decided to take a nap on the way there, it lead to an impromptu SHOPPING SPREE for me--I bought this very cute dress for the Change of Watch this Saturday. It's actually MUCH cuter than the picture shows. Anyway, when Garrett woke up from his nap, he and Kelly decided we should ride the carousel (Garrett's first time!). The kids loved it. It made me nauseous . . . oh joys of the first trimester!! But oh well, that's the way it goes. Afterward they played at the little play area, and I missed the two of them giving each other a big smooch on the lips. We tried to recreate it, but whenever we would tell them "kiss" Garrett would emphatically say no and evade Kelly, who was all puckered up. Kelly would just give her loving to her mommy or me instead, she is too cute!! I captured the smooching face as she went whizzing by me to give her momma a kiss. We had a blast.

"Bubba!" Garrett says. No, its a horse, silly!

Go go go!!

Bonnie and Kelly

Garrett being Garrett

Kelly's smootchie face!

At the pool (from 1.10.08)

We went to the pool with the neighbors.


I have a mommy friend who is also a Work-at-home mom, and she has started babysitting Garrett for me every week or so in the morning so I can get some things done. Her son, Corbin, it 2.5 and Garrett absolutely adores him. I love having him around someone who is slightly older than him because he can learn SO MUCH!! He comes home from their house with at least 2 new words (and usually a couple of new skills!!) every time. Thanks to Monica for the pictures!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our day started with the word


The first thing Garrett wanted to know this AM was where Baby Logan was. He was sad when I told him Baby Logan was home with his mommy and daddy and Xander. "Xanser" he said. Later we were talking about another friend we were going to visit today and he said his name too--"Corrrrbin!" He is just getting so big. He is going to be a very loving big brother, without a doubt!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pictures with our fab neighbors!

Garrett LOVES our new neighbors, as I mentioned in the previous post . . . Some pictures demonstrating the enjoyment had by all.

The boys have taught Garrett to wrestle. Mark is his favorite target:

Randon the stunt man:
(Garrett really tries to ride the skateboard, which is hilarious in and of itself).

Attitude from my little guy (look how long the hair is!!)

Nayna, Nayna!!

Claire has this scooter that Garrett can actually stand on.
Here he is using it (he has learned to go already!!)

Nayna, Nayna!!

My son is officially in love with another woman! We have this awesome family that moved in next door from NC. They have four kids, from 13 to 4. Their oldest, named Dana, is such a blessing--she is always willing to help out with Garrett or around the house, and Garrett adores her. He runs whenever he sees/hears here, crying "Nayna, Nayna!!" . . . its absolutely adorable. All four of the kids seem to really enjoy them, and he LOVES them. I hope he doesn't drive them crazy, because he goes to play almost every day!!

The Shuman boys are over today--their mom had to go to work for the day. Its been INTERESTING having three kids under the age of two in the house!! But all in all, they've been great. There was even a point when all three of them were napping at the same time. Woot! Garrett LOVES having Logan around, he constantly says "baby, baby". He loves to give him kisses and "help" with various things . . . . he's gonna be a great big brother. Here's a few pics from today. Hoping to get a few of all three boys (Xander is not enamored with his brother at this moment, and is always on the go playing with the toys!)
Sharing my couch with Logan!


Good napper!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

Pics from New Years Eve

I finally downloaded what little was on the camera. Both pictures are from New Years Eve. We made Cheesecake in the AM. All little people should get to lick the beaters!! Garrett thought it was yummy. He would point to the cheesecake in the fridge and go "Yum, Pie!!" We went to the zoo with Daddy, and that is where the second picture is from. Garrett had a blast.

More pictures to come--we have a playdate today.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No new pictures . . .

But I had to write to say how completely blown away I am by my kid these days. He is so darn grown up, its frightening! Today he was hollering at dinner, as a typical 1.5 year old would do, and we shushed him. So he learned to shush. He is saying SO MUCH these days, brocolli, puppies, keys, duck, bird, plane, car, truck, hat, up, no, nana, out, and more than I could possibly sit here and name . . . sometimes I swear he is starting to recognize letters. We got him these Usborn Flashcards of the letters, he loves to look at them during diaper changes and when dressing. Lately he has been asking to take a few books or some flashcards to bed with him for naps and night time. He loves to read and look at the flashcards. Tonight he grabbed six of them and ran to his crib--he couldn't wait to get in and read them. Then as I was leaving the room, he made a kissy face. So I gave him a kiss. Then he asked for another and another--kissed him between the bars, over the bars. He was still blowing kisses when I walked out.

We have new neighbors next door, a family of 4 kids ranging from 12 to 5. Garrett absolutely adores them, and them him. They homeschool, so they are outside most afternoons. Garrett runs over as soon as he sees them and just jumps right in. They are so great to him, sharing all their toys and watching over him. The oldest is going to be a lifesaver for me, she keeps offering to do anything from walking my dogs to babysitting to cleaning. THAT will come in handy as my tummy gets huge!

My mom left today, we had a nice visit. Garrett had way too much with her, she loves playing almost as much as he does!! Work has been incredibly busy, but is finally tailing off. Now maybe I can catch up on pictures. For right now, I better get back to cleaning the closet out (feeling a strong need to make room for #2, even though s/he won't be here for at least another 35 weeks!)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Global warming my butt.

Seriously, it is 35 degrees here. It is not supposed to be 35 degrees in Miami . . . it DID snow here in the 80s, if that happens again I am moving further south!! (IE, the Caribbean!!)

We've had a load of hot coacoa today, and are trying desperately to stay WARM. May we never have to return to places it actually gets this cold for more than a couple days a year!! :-)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year, and the wisdom of my fav country artist!

Happy New year! We've been insanely busy here, I spent ALL of yesterday (from 6am to 1am, minus a pregnant woman nap and a break for a movie with Brad) working, despite the fact it was a university holiday. It's just the busy time at work . . .

So, no pictures. But I've been listening to my Brad Paisley CD I got for Christmas, and being the emotional hormonal wreck I am now, I have found so many amazing sentiments in his stuff :-)

My current favorites:
"It Did"
A single red rose and a table for two
A nice Chardonnay and an ocean view
Ships coming in and stars coming out
We sat and we talked ‘til the place closed down
Then we took a long walk down on the beach
Her in that white dress and her bare feet
We stopped and we watched the lighthouse light
I pulled her close and I held on tight and I said to myself
It doesn’t get better than this
No, it doesn’t get better than this
And it did, it did, oh it did

Fast forward to that next spring
We were looking for a preacher picking out rings
Family coming in and friends coming out
To that little white church on the outskirts of town
Me in that tux fighting butterflies
Tears of joy in my mamma’s eyes
Her daddy walking her down the aisle
He lifted that veil and I saw that smile
And I said to myself
It doesn’t get better than this
No, it doesn’t get better than this
But it did, it did, oh it did

Just when I start thinking it’s as good as it can get
This crazy life does something just to let me know
I haven’t seen anything yet

Nine months later nearly to the day
There we were flying down the interstate
Car weaving in, car weaving out
Through traffic running every red light in town
Delivery room and the doctor comes in
I’m right beside her, she’s squeezing my hand
One more push and a baby cries
Sweet little angel with his mamma’s eyes
And I said to myself
It doesn’t get better than this
No, it doesn’t get better than this
But it did, it did, oh it did
Yes it did

"Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once"

My little words of wisdom for the day. I'll try to get more pictures soon. I sent Garrett to a friend's for the morning so I could CATCH UP on work!!