Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We went to the zoo on Monday with a few playgroup friends . . . it was hot, so the kids mostly just played at the splash park.
Garrett and Everett checking out the tigers

Garrett and Cameron . . . they were walking around the ledge

Climbing the spider web with Everett.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Puppy Love

Every boy should have a doggie. Garrett loves ours . . . when we go out, he'll say "I miss my puppies!" He tells them he loves them, and will give Aspen hugs and kisses. They are good buddies, and Aspen treats him just as you would expect a big brother too--with minor annoyance, yet with a thoughtful kindness and gentleness. They are both such good boys.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Jacob's Aquatic Center

Last Monday we went to Jacob's Aquatic Center in Key Largo with the Butterfly Coop where the kids will be going to preschool next year. We had never been before, and Garrett thoroughly enjoyed himself. The weather was less than nice--it rained off and on--but since there was no lightening we were able to keep playing.

Someone had a good enough time to pass out in the car . . .

Playgroup Party

We had an informal party for Garrett on his birthday (the 28th) at Homestead Bayfront Park so that he could share his special day with all of his friends. The weather cooperated with us, thankfully! We had a great time, and saw some friends we hadn't seen in a while.

Its so hard for me to believe my sweet little man is 3 now. I remember how little and helpless he used to be . . . its hard to reconcile the talkative, independent little man with the tiny baby he once was.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Birthday Party Pics (very late!)

Sorry it has taken so long to post these--things have been INSANE around here lately!!!

For Garrett's party this year, we let him pick who he would like to invite. He chose to invite the Criders, the Shumans, and the Christophersons (another neighbor) . . . .we had a great time!

The cake:

Birthday boy

Who needs decorations? Garrett had Car stuff galore

Fishing with Randon and Claire

Party time!

Craft . . . Garrett already looked like he was on a sugar high!

Licking the icing off the cake decorations

"Look, this card has letters!"

Hugs for Miss Jess
Sharing the cool track Miss Val gave him

Goodbye hugs for Xander

Alicia and Summer

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Much needed haircut

As you can probably tell from the pictures, Garrett has been in need of a haircut for QUITE some time now. He has not wanted to go, no matter how hard we try to bribe him with cars, chocolate, or sweets. We finally decided, which Grandma was here for his birthday, to take him for a haircut at Kuts4Kids, a children's place close by. So. Worth. Every. Penny. He never uttered a peep while she did his hair, and I just sat back and watched. Awesome!!!!

Summer watching with Grandma

Post-haircut G roughhousing with daddy!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Key West Trip

A few weeks ago we took an inpromptu trip to Key West. Brad's company decided (last minute) to send him down to work on the Vandenberg--a retired military ship that was slated (and has now become) the Keys newest reef. We took along my neighbor's 15 year old daughter for moral support--I don't think I could have managed 4 days with the kids in a hotel and no husband without her!

Day 1 (Thurs)-Drive down after Dana's half day of school :-) It was an uneventful trip for the first half. Then Summer needed to nurse and get a diaper change, so we stopped. Low and behold, she decided to stop at a good place! Dana took Garrett to explore while I fed her and they found SOMETHING INTERESTING :-)

And here is the something.
A manatee up close and personal (she was eating algae off the sea wall!!)

Me and the kiddos during our "rest stop"Dana and Garrett
Great shot of Garrett that Dana took

Dana and I driving. That girl is obsessed with taking pictures :-)
Cute baby girl during rest stop #2. She'd had enough of being in the car by then.

Garrett vegging out watching Care Bears.
We didn't have to whip out the DVD player until hour 4.
The Vandenburg
It may look familiar, since it was in the movie Virus

Happy to see Daddy, no matter how dirty he was
Poor Brad worked REALLY REALLY hard while we were there . . .

Garrett chilling while we debated our housing debacle
(which I will not get in to here . . . )

Day 2: Swimming in the AM, nap (gasp), and then to Key West for loads of fun
Ready for the pool:

The elusive nap.

I think Summer ate her weight in cheerios and then some on this trip.

Sleepy Sissy during our exploration of Key West
She was SO good, she hardly made a peep and just dozed off when tired.

Garrett pouting (I forget why!)

Dana and Garrett in front of an aquarium at the Eco Discovery Center (FREE!)

Key West Aquarium

We stayed in Key West for 8 hours, walking around, then had Dinner with Brad. We then went to Sunset Celebration, which was neat but not nearly as fun as I remember when we went in the long-ago past.

Day 3: We walked to Smathers Beach. Turns out it was further than we realized, but at least we got a nice long walk in :-)
He never slows down!

Post beach babies

Post snack = SLEEP. Nap #2!! Unheard of!!

Exploring the hotel grounds--we found a turtle.
Garrett wanted to take him home :-)

We stayed longer than we expected, through Sunday so that Brad could have a little time to relax before we headed home. We had a great time, and I reinterate that I would have been LOST without Dana there! She is also reponsible for a large # of the pictures here, so, well, ya know :-) All in all, the kids did great, too!

Summer chowing down at lunch on Sunday

Brad and I on our way to the car before we headed home