Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr. Athletic!

We've had a busy few days, especially for Garrett. He had his first T-ball practice on Thursday and LOVED it. It was pretty hilarious watching him and the other 4 year olds try to figure out something new. This evening he went to run his 2nd "running race"--its always a joy to see how excited he gets about these!! :-)
This is what I get when I say "Garrett, show me your glove" :-)
Daddy is helping out . . .
Afterward, Garrett said his favorite part was "Hitting the ball as many times as I wanted to!"
With Plato the Publixsaurus before the kiddie dash at the Carnival Miami 5K/8K

Garrett and his buddy Corbin--note that G is snarfing a sandwich (he had just eaten dinner, of course!)The boys post race. They were so proud of themselves!

Goodbye hugs--Garrett was so happy to have Corbin there, he told me on they way home "I couldn't have done it without Corbin mom--he's my friend! We wrestle, because we are friends and that is what friends do." Boys!!!!! :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Classics By The Bay/Hanging with Nana and Pawpaw

Brad's Grandparents came for a visit this week. We went to the "Classics By the Bay" car show on Sunday--the boys had a blast looking at the old cars :-) We also got tickets to take Garrett to the Grand Am race in a few weeks--he's so excited!!

Posing the the Grand Am Car

One of Garrett's creations he built with his Bright Builders :-)

I got my much anticipated new carrier--a BabyHawk Oh Snap. LOVE IT!! Its from the same company that made the MaiTei I used for so long with both kids. The straps were too long on it though, and tying it wasn't working out with Summers wiggly nature and trying to keep track of Garrett when out on my own. This carrier is FAB--all buckles, no tying, and I still can have that nice babyhawk design. So far Summer seems to love it :-) Added bonus, it matches my diaper bag, I LOVE carinval bloom :-)We were sad to say goodbye to Nana and Pawpaw today, we had a great visit. :-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just another week

Its been a typical busy week around here--after our fire station visit on Monday morning,
Brad got off early on Monday and we headed out to Biscayne National Park. As we left he asked "What, is Summer walking?" because I didn't bring the stroller. Why, yes, honey, she is :-) She walked pretty much the whole way, busy little girl!

We've spent the second half of the week recuperating from the first half, as we always do. Its been chilly here, so we've been inside most of the time. I'm endlessly thankful for the entire room of educational stuff that keeps Garrett occupied. He spent most of today doing "Its A Match"--he's working on the Level II and III books now, which are 4+. We're spending a lot of time at home working on letter recognition, because 2 days a week of school isn't really helping him with that part. He's loving learning, I really hope I can find him a place to go to school next year that will continue to foster that!

Summer is a total art nut. She loves to color. But, being not yet 1.5, she still has to try and eat the marker!
And with that, we welcome the weekend!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

BNP, Valentines day, and potty training . . .

February is already half over. One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to blog 2x a month so that you all can have pictures to look at :-) So at the very least I will attempt to update on the 15th and 1st of every month. . . .

February has been relatively calm in comparision to January. We're finally getting back into the swing of things. Work has been slow because my boss has been traveling a lot. While Garrett is crazy, he's fallen into a routine of things to do at the house to keep him occupied. He's such a big help around the house these days--he cleans up when asked and loves to do chores so that he can earn pennies for his piggy bank.

We had a playdate at Biscayne National Park at the beginning of the month. Thanks Monica for these pics!
Ecology lesson!

Summer LOVES rocking chairs!

Garrett had to sit on TOP of his friends. Mad was yelling "Get it off me!"

Garrett is still LOVING school. They learned about mardis gras and he made a mask (thanks Miss Jamie for these pics!)
And then they had a valentines day party.

Decorating bags

The festivities included playing outside, riding bikes, and a bounce house. Both kids had a BLAST!

We've been potty training this week. Summer has been taking her diaper off whenever she can, throwing fits over laying down for changes, and pointing to her tush when she is dirty. She's been naked all week and loves to sit on the potty. We've only had one actual success IN the potty, but she seems to be holding it in until her diap gets back on. I remember when we potty trained Garrett, the whole first week was ALL about just sitting on the potty and had nothing to do with actually going on it. Thank goodness for Diaperswappers and the WAH mommies on there who can make tiny little undies to fit my tiny little girl, lol! So we'll probably be sticking as close to home as possible over the next few weeks while we see if Summer is really ready to learn the potty or if we will toy with it for 6 months like we did with Garrett. She's getting so big these days--she's learned to climb on the couch and loves to sit on it just like a big girl. And occassionally she tried to climb over the BACK. Fun times.

We had a nice valentines day here. I received some beautiful roses on Friday from my wonderful hubby. Garrett and I went to Lowes to do a project on Saturday-he loves having that one on one time every couple of weeks. Brad is taking a class to teach CPR for the Coast Guard (through the Auxiliary), and was gone most of the day yesterday. We had a nice dinner when he got home and just spent some quality time together in the evening. Today we are going on a fire station visit with Garrett's school, which he is REALLY looking forward to. Off to get ready for that!