Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick Update

Yes, we're still here. Things have been INSANELY busy. 6 hours of boot camp a week is definitely playing in to that. Work has been busy, but only on the lab end. I spent ALL of last weekend in the lab, and we'll probably do the same this weekend. The nice thing is that I also got a 3.5 mile run in while at work. Yes, that's right. 3.5 miles. I'm so proud of myself on that front!!

Here's the briefest summery of what we have been up to in the past 2 weeks . . .

We went to the Seaquarium last Tuesday because I had to be on the Key for work anyway. We watched a dolphin show, and Garrett just otherwise ran around and had a great time.
Late last week, the neighborhood kids decided to hold their own little bootcamp of their own
(Three of us Mommies are signed up)
We spend lots of time playing outside with our friends!

On Thursday we went to Chuck E Cheese with the Shumans and the Criders (I didn't take any pictures :-( ) We've missed seeing Jess and the boys so it was great to hang out. And Garrett had been driving me nuts asking for the "Race cars" at Chuck E Cheese.

We went to the zoo on Tuesday with the Criders, and Garrett got to meet his favorite guy.
Garrett is not so small anymore--he walked all over the zoo from 11-5:30, like a trooper!

Keep in mind the picture with the jackets and the picture with the swim trunks were taken less than a week apart. The weather here is psycho, it was cold and now it is hot hot hot. This weekend we're supposed to get down to the 50s again. No wonder I am sick and the kids have the sniffles.

We've been going on lots of walks for nap time (still loving the jogging stroller). Both of the kids are doing great--Summer is really interested in the world around her. I think she's going to be an outdoorsy little girl, she just loves to be outside and look around. She's all about investigating and chewing on things. She's just so incredibly sweet, with her smiles and coos.

Garrett just blows my mind with the things he says. The latest is "Summer is the best sister in the world!" I'm having a really hard time with the fact he will be THREE in a scant four months. I have no idea where the time is going. He continues to love books and all things with wheels.

I've been really remiss in the photo department--I just don't have the energy to lug the camera these days. With Garrett walking more, we hardly ever even bother to take a stroller. I'll wear Summer in either the sling or mei tai and will carry a backpack with snacks and diapers. I wouldn't even begin to know where to put the camera right now. I love it, but sometimes I wish it were smaller. Oh well. Camera phone pics will do in a pinch. :-)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Time to move further south. It was in the low THIRTIES here over night, with a windchill in the 20s, I think. No joke. That is way too cold!! We went for a LONG walk yesterday and poor Garrett said "My hands hurt!!" He refused to keep them under his blanket, though, the little stink. Summer was quiet happy bundled in three layers. Thank goodness Grandma C sent some cold weather gear for our trip home that didn't happen. We're looking forward to it warming back up in a few days--this is a good reminder of how thankful we should be to live somewhere (mostly) warm!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 Months

Pretty girl turned four months old on Sunday. I honestly can not believe she has only been with us for 4 months, it seems like much longer. Her favorite things in life are her feet and her Jangles toy. She also loves to watch her brother do whatever. She continues to be a really good-natured baby. There is some crankiness going on right now, but it seems to be due to her teeth or possibly just being overtired (Garrett wakes her up a lot!) She has a beautiful smile that she shares with anyone who DOESN'T have a camera, but is somewhat reserved out of her comfort zone (which Garrett never was, even at this age).

She STILL hates the car, although if we plan our trips during a nap time she will sleep. I think she finds the car to be terribly boring--she loves to interact with people and to play with toys. She also already really enjoys books. Garrett wasn't crazy about them until much, much later, but Summer will look at the pictures and touch the pages. She loves it when she reads with Garrett, and is starting to get 1-2 books of her own prior to her bedtime. She loves to be worn any time we are out, although she has really taken a shine to the jogging stroller. She also continues to love the water--bath time is one of her favorite events, and she has enjoyed her first boat ride and her first swim in the pool in the past month.

Aspen is really starting to adore her, he seemed indifferent for several months, but will now lay next to her at every opportunity and keep watch over her. Haylee continues to think she is kissable, but she has always seemed to like anyone who doesn't chase after her!

Garrett continues to love her to pieces, and to be a wild man. He loves anything and everything that has wheels, especially if it is a character from Cars. He continues to enjoy running around partially clothed too. If you've noticed there aren't many pictures of him lately, its because I'm too lazy to lug my camera when we go out, and he is always naked when we are home! He says the funniest things, like "Poppycock" (Which he informed us he learned from an episode of Backyardagins). He's a sweet boy despite his rough and tough attitude--when his friends fall, he runs up and asks "Are you okay??" and gives them a hug.
He did this all by himself when I was taking a nap yesterday.
Notice all of the cars are from Cars
Leak Less, Daryl Cartrip, The King, and SnotRod.
As for Brad and I, we're pretty well adjusted for having a 4 month old in the house. I haven't felt better than I do in a long time, and am running 2.5 miles every Saturday now (I don't run much during the week because boot camp kicks my butt!). Brad's busy with work, and hoping to get more active in the Auxiliary this year. We're managing to find the balance in all of this craziness, and really, really enjoying watching the kids grow up. There are so many little pleasures, like lazy days, long walks, and just playing at the park with Garrett.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

USCG Aux Change of Watch

Last night Brad and I got to enjoy a wonderful night out at the Change of Watch for his Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla. This year they held it at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club--what a venue! The food and company was fabulous, and it was so very nice to get out of the house alone again!

The sunset from the docks was AMAZING

They did the award ceremony as the sun was setting
Flotilla Commander Tom Walker

Swearing In of Officers
(Brad is acting as their "Financial Officer" again this year)

Model of the Eagle, the Coast Guard's last remaining sailing ship

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I think Summer is about to get her first teeth. And I think they are her incisors, not the teeth in the front. They have always been visible, and are now raised and very white. I remember thinking Garrett's teeth were going to come through, but they took FOREVER. I hope hers won't too, because my normally sweet, angelic baby is crazy right now. Being a second time mom, you'd think I'd be more sure if that is what is going on or not, but I'm not 100%. I do know she has EVERY SINGLE ONE of the symptoms listed on Babycenter:
  • Drooling
  • Gum swelling and sensitivity
  • Irritability or fussiness
  • Biting behavior
  • Refusing food
  • Sleep problems
I hope she gets this over and done with faster than Garrett!!

(Belated) Weekend in Review

This past weekend was busy in the most excellent way. We went for a long walk on Saturday around our big block (~3 miles) and took the kids to the pool. Its been warming up so we decided it was time for Summer to FINALLY get in the water. The baby pool was a little chilly, but she didn't seem to mind. She kicked her little feet in panic for about 30 seconds, then realized she was sitting in her little boat and relaxed quickly. She is, in true Compton form, a water baby.

On Sunday, Brad worked in the garage and I went for a run with the kids. In the afternoon, we went to Biscayne National Park with some of our neighbors. I didn't take my camera, but Lisa did and caught some great pictures of my family (Thanks Lisa!).

Brad, Garrett and I went kayaking while Summer stayed with Lisa. Garrett had a great time--he calls it "keyaking." He and Brad took turns with the paddle--we need to get him his own before he goes again!

Summer loves being outside and just chilled out watching the other kids

Garrett LOVES playing football with the kids from our neighborhood.
While he looks adorable throwing the football, I think his true calling is as a defensive lineman
(He loves to takle!)
I'm so annoyed that sports don't start around here until 4 or 5, he would love even a totally informal version now.

I have no idea what happened here. Maybe its when we said we had to go home.
At any rate, he's been very sensitive lately and this is the face you get when he is in trouble.
So that's what we did this past weekend--too bad it took me until Thursday to finally write it down!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pretty girl is getting busy!

Summer is really getting moving these days. She has started trying to roll over when you change her diaper, something her brother always tried to do. She is grasping EVERYTHING and shoving it towards her mouth. This morning she pulled her Jangles off her swing (one of her favorite toys to play with while I work) and cuddled him. She keeps trying to pull herself in to a sitting position when we put her down. She's getting so big already! Her 4 month birthday is right around the corner.

I have no new pictures of Garrett because he NEVER sits still. That boy is always going, and always talking. He is speaking so clearly now. He'll tell Brad "Don't forget your lunch! I love you I miss you. Have good day at work." He is always asking "What time is it?" He knows 6-o-clock is bedtime, and that Daddy comes home at 5. He continues to love his sister to pieces. He'll fetch any toy she drops and loves to give her kisses. He has started helping out around the house--he'll pick up his toys, put his clothes in the hamper, or put up all of our shoes in the wash room, and will earn a penny for his money puppy. His absolute favorite thing to do is play outside. "I want to go play with my friends!" he'll say. Sometimes he is very disappointed in the middle of the day when they are all at school.

Other than that, we're busy as ever. I started Boot Camp at the Y, so I'm doing that 3x a week. Its nice to get out and get my butt whipped in to shape while Brad stays with the kids. :-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I may just stay sane

I've had a hard time, in the almost four months since Summer has been born, doing two very important things: 1. Getting Garrett to nap reliably and 2. Finding time to get a workout in for myself. The answer has arrived in the form of the double jogger I very badly wanted for Christmas.

Once we had our Christmas money, I still had to convince Brad that I would use it and that it would not just sit around the house. The thing has been used every day since I bought it.

Summer loves the thing, and will either nap or just watch the world go by. Garrett will get antsy when he realizes he's falling asleep, but it doesn't take long at all for him to conk if he's tired. So around nap time, if its clear he really needs one and that it isn't happening at home, the kids get strapped in, I get the Zune and my angry music mix, and we go for a jog. Often after that jog (which is not so long--I'm still working on it!), we'll go for a nice long walk so I can decompress and burn lots and lots of calories. I REALLY love this jogger, it is probably going to keep me out of the loony bin (and in to some skinny jeans!)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Belated pics-Brad's Christmas Party

Thanks to Crystal for taking these! Pardon the faces :-)

Fred (one of the owners) and Brad

Doug (Brad's direct supervisor)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Summer's first stay in the church nursery

Today we finally left Summer in the nursery at church. She was okay with it through Sunday School, but by the time the actual service rolled around, she was NOT impressed. I spent more time in the nursery with her than I did in the service. Garrett, on the other hand, loved getting back to his class. He loves his Sunday school teacher, and was very eager to tell us about everything he learned. Enjoy a picture of the pretty girl--you can't really tell, but her hair is in a major top knot--its growing like a weed.

We're sad Daddy has to go back to work tomorrow--we're spoiled by having him home!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree . . .

I have very clear memories of huddling under my blanket in our apartment in Galion when I was in first or second grade, reading with a flashlight. I was SUPPOSED to be sleeping, but I wanted to read instead. Apparently Garrett inherited that--the other night I caught him sitting on the floor by his nightlight, nearly an hour after he was supposed to go to bed, with a stack of books next to him. I scolded him and turned off his light, told him to go back to bed. "But I'm just reading!" He says. I'm very happy he has inherited my love of reading, but not so happy that at 2.5 years, he's already reading when he SHOULD be sleeping. I won't be allowing him to have a flashlight in his room! :-)