Friday, December 29, 2006

7 Months

Garrett turned 7 months yesterday. Yesterday was also our 4 year anniversary :-D

Milestones for Garrett this month: He started to "commando" crawl and started pulling up on things. He now says "mamama" and just today started "bababa". He continues to wake up every 3 hours or so at night--I miss the little guy who slept through the night! In just over a week, we will be heading to St. John for a little R&R, and Garrett's first vacation! I will get a 7 month pic a little later.

Another one of the boys

My Wish

So there is this song by Rascall Flats called "My Wish" that basically describes what all parents wish for their kids in a nutshell. Well, Garrett's already living up to it. One of the lyrics says something about if you come upon a closed door, "I hope you find a window". Well--Garrett didn't just find a window--he worked his way UNDER the wall of his house because the door was closed :-D

Playing with my new toys!

The wagon and blocks Nana and Pawpaw gave me! (Brother is helping)

The house Grandma and Grandpa C gave me


Garrett had a very Merry first Christmas! He visited with Grandma and Grandpa C. and Nana Pawpaw on the webcam, and ate turkey. Brad took most of the pictures with his film camera, but I will post some of those pictures when we get them developed!

First time eating Kiwi

Garrett had his first experience with Kiwi on 12/22. He would take a bite, then scrunch up his face, then take another bite. It was pretty tart, but he kept on going. I think we have an adventurous eater on our hands!

Crawling under the Christmas tree

Garrett loved to crawl under the Christmas tree while the presents were under it. He was especially fond of one of the gift bags under the tree. CLICK HERE to see a video of Garrett crawling under the Christmas tree (I am experimenting with YouTube!) These pictures were taken 12/21


Do we look alike!?

I love feeding myself!

Picture from 12/8.

New uses for bouncy seats

Since Garrett started sitting up, the bouncy seat has had limited use. He still likes to play the toys, but when you put him in the actual seat he insits on sitting up and usually ends up bonking his noggin on the toy bar. So now he sits on his knees in front of it to play with the toys. Pictures are from 12/8.

Grandma gives me TLC (Toys Love and Cookies)

Two guesses who gave him this one! Picture is from 12/7

December 5th-Puppy playtime

Garrett loves to play with Haylee and Aspen. He loves to watch them play, and likes to touch them. They are both so gentle with him. He has also started wanting to play with Haylee and Aspen's toys (the red and green bone is theirs, of course!) On 12/5, Garrett played a nice little game of tug-of-war with Haylee for the first time. The cute outfit was given to him by Aunt Stephanie.

Catching up

Sorry it has taken me so long to post again! Things have been a little crazy here with work, baby, doggies, Christmas, and so on. The picture to the left was taken 12/3, and is a cute lil pooh outfit Grandma and Grandpa C. got Garrett.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Come on, Mom, can't we open presents yet???

Christmas has come to the Compton house . . .

We went and picked up our tree today. Most of our Christmas cards have been mailed and we got our first one in the mail yesterday. The presents are ALMOST all wrapped and ready to go (no post-Thanksgiving shopping for me this year, thank you VERY much! :-D). . .The stockings are up, although Nana is still working on Garrett's. We are all geared up and ready to go for Christmas . . . so what if it is 80 degrees outside!
Our Christmas tree (a real one--a first for both me AND Garrett :-D) When we first brought it home, and with all the decorations . . . Haylee is pretty sad it has taken up her favorite place to sun!

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays!) and a Happy New Year. 23 more days to go :-D

Daddy's little man

I can't believe its December

Yes, that is a dog leash Garrett is eating. He loves to hold on to it when we take Aspen out . . . and try to eat it. Always supervised, of course :-D


Inspired by my friend Adrianne, who makes all of her own food for her little guy, Cody (who is 4 months, to the day, older than Garrett), I decided to start making Garrett's baby food. The stuff you get at the store is very runny, and they don't get to experience much texture with it (and experiencing texture is what months six through 12 are ALL about in terms of solid food). Sooo, on the November 30th, Garrett started eating home-cooked, organic food. He has had sweet potatoes and carrotts so far and loved them. Because the texture is so much thicker than the baby food he has had, he was quick to abandon the spoon and dig in with both hands. What a mess! Last night, he had his first meat--a little bit of pureed pork! He loved that too. I think more of it ended up on the floor than in his mouth, but the dogs LOVED it! Yay for having two very efficient vaccum cleaners!

Friday, December 01, 2006

It still doesn't seem like 6 months. . . .

3 days, 2 months, 3.5 months, 5 months, 6 months
Crazy, isn't it?

MY six month pictures of Garrett

Every month I try to take some pictures of Garrett . . . some months I am more diligent than others. Man, this little guy has a smile! I don't even though what he was looking at in the last picture . . I was holding the camera and he yanked on my hair as I took the pic, which is why I am giving him the mommy look :-D

Thursday, November 30, 2006

My silly little doggie

While I was giving Garrett a bath this evening, Haylee came up and dropped her toy in the tub because she wanted us to play with her. Garrett thought it was hilarious. Silly girl! These pics are from 12/1--Haylee giving Garrett some love, and then her and Aspen playing. . . Garrett LOVES to watch them play!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Six months old today!

My little man is six months old today. I can hardly believe it . . . it seems like just yesterday that he was born, yet Brad and I have no idea how we got along without him. We went to the pediatrician today -- he is 13lbs, 3 oz and 26 inches. Everyone always comments on how "small" he is . . . the little poop won't sit still! He is always rolling all over the place, and will sit up huge chunks of time playing with his toys. He has started squealing quiet loudly whenever he wants something. A major bummer is that he doesn't sleep through the night anymore. In fact, if he sleeps more than a two hour chunk at a time, we consider ourselves lucky. He's either teething or on a growth spurt, or he could be getting ready to hit some more milestones. Who knows. Or, as his daddy puts it, he could just be rotten!

We got family portraits taken at Sears in the evening . . . to view the entire collection, visit Sears Portrait Studio. I liked all but the one that is a closeup of his face--it just didn't turn out well at all! He's such a happy little guy, though. Even though it was WAY past his bedtime because we had to wait until Daddy got off of work, he had big smiles! The best thing is we finally have a picture of all three of us where Garrett isn't napping AND I have a decent picture of my little man and I (I'm always behind the camera, LOL!). The one of he and Brad turned out really well too!


Brad's parent's came for Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful visit. Grandma brought a couple of fun toys for the little guy! She took these pictures of him playing with the LeapFrog globe she gave him. These pictures were taken 11/22. My neighbor Teresa came over, and Sherry and I cooked a BIG turkey and all the fixings. It was a lot of fun. Brad and his dad worked on our car, which was having issues, and thanks to his awsome knowledge its all better now (yay for not being stranded with no car anymore!)

More silly faces

I sat Garrett down in a chair and went picture happy. And this is just a few! And then when I put him down he rolled over to the stereo to investigate (all because his Grandpa taught him about remote controls!! :-D) These were taken on 11/20. Notice the tounge sticking out in the last picture. This became the NEW thing over Thanksgiving!