Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Goodbye September

Can you believe its OCTOBER already? Brad's parents came for a visit, along with his sister. Grandpa and Aunt Stephi left yesterday, but Grandma is here until Saturday. Things are settling down. Garrett's FINALLY getting into a better bedtime routine, where we don't have to fight with him for hours to get him to sleep. Knock on wood, hopefully it will continue. He's loving having everyone around to play with him, and although the "newness" of Summer has worn off, he really seems to like her still. Hopefully THAT will continue too.

Summer is awesome, she's pretty laid back but lets you know when she wants something. And when she wants something, be it a diaper change or some milkie, she lets you know it. Nothing wrong with her lungs. :-) She continues to love bing worn, the first pic is of her in our Gypsy Mama wrap . . . I've been using the Moby a ton both in and out of the house as well. As we speak, she is snuggled in the Moby taking a good snooze. Her nights and days are a little messed up right now, but the lack of sleep isn't too big of a deal.

Random pictures from Monday. . . I have plenty more to add, including from Garrett's "special day", which I will post more about shortly (time permitting).

Haylee sleeping in the bag of goodies Grandma Compton brought for the kids.

Stacking pegs . . .

Summer out cold . . .

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Leanne said...

glad to see everything is going great!