Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday photo fix . . .

I really meant to take/post pictures of Summer on Thursday when she was 3 weeks, but didn't get around to it. So we had a mini photo session this morning. She loves tummy time (as long as it doesn't last too long), and has pretty good head control already.

My mom sent the PJs Summer is wearing when I was pregnant with Garrett. I put him in them once, and then put them up because he looked utterly ridiculous in lavendar PJs. Mom swears they are unisex, but boys just can't wear purple PJs and looked dignified. But I kept them, on the *off* chance our second would be a girl :-) I went back and looked through my pictures, and discovered Garrett wore this PJs in AUGUST. He was 3.5 MONTHS old when he fit into them. Summer fits in them now, at 3.5 WEEKS. I just can't get over how diffent they are, in size, appearance, and temperment. It just baffles my mind!

Note the toy stash: I put Summer on the blanket and went to get the camera. When I returned, the toys had been added and Garrett informed me "I shared with Summer!" Such an awesome big brother!

Garrett on August 11, 2006, at 3.5 months of age
(you definately CAN see some facial similarities!)
Keep in mind Garrett was an ounce heavier at birth.

Puppies had to check her out, and I realized I haven't taken ANY pictures of them with her yet. They both love her to pieces, of course.

While I am taking pictures of Summer, Garrett keeps going "No, not Summer. Summer doesn't want picture. Take Garrett's picture!" And laying in front of the lense. So of course we had to take obligatory pictures of him. Got some really funny ones to bribe him with in his teenage years . . .
This one, however, turned out beautifully. He looks so much like his daddy!!

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April said...

Love the new pics and the silly pic of Garrett! So cute! I can't believe the similarity in their faces!