Monday, October 20, 2008

Much better than last weekend!

This weekend was definately much better than last weekend. Garrett had a mini-meltdown on Saturday evening, but NOTHING compared to last weekend's fiasco. On Saturday we went to the zoo with Daddy, with the sole intention of "Riding those ole candles". Garrett had a blast--we fed the giraffes again and then rode the camel. He really wanted to see Diego again, but he was super tired and couldn't listen, so we left. He hasn't stopped telling us how he wants to go see Diego at the zoo again. We're supposed to go (again) on Thursday with our playgroup, assuming I haven't dropped dead from exhaustion from a crazy-busy week. Brad and I are excessively sick of hearing about Diego though. And he sings the song from the show. Its hilarious, but only the first few times :-)

Summer sleeping in the stroller after hanging out in the sling most of the day.

Sunday was pretty relaxing--we went to church in the morning. I need to put Summer back in her dress and take pictures. She was pretty good--she actually stayed wide awake through the entire service (and Sunday school too) with minimal fussing. Garrett was in the 2-3 year old room for the first time and did great. He colored and listened when he was supposed to.

Brad and I attempted to have a mommy-and-daddy's night in, but our plans for a sitter fell through, so we ended up sending Garrett upstairs to watch Cars while Summer took her evening nap so we could have a few quiet minutes alone. It was not ideal, but we'll take whatever we can get.

Now for photo fun . . . these are random pictures from Thursday and Friday of last week.
Summer having tummy time on the bobby . . .
Garrett in the same onsie at approximately the same age
(I meant to get her in the same pose, but it didn't happen)
On Friday in one of the cute Pooh outfits Grandma brought . . .

I like to call this sequence "The Bow Thief"
1. I see the bow

2. I reach for the bow.

3. I got it, I got the bow!!

Even Aspen isn't too sure about this whole bow thing.

And of course if Aspen sniffed the baby, Haylee has to sniff the baby . . .

As for how we're adjusting . . . Summer was a month old on Saturday. She's smiling a lot, and holding her head up very well. She continues to be a pretty easy baby. We're figuring out her schedule better, and are hoping for more nights like last night!! Garrett's sleep continues to improve. No naps since Thursday, but we are enforcing a daily quiet time that is getting better (and longer) every day. He's going to bed sooo much better. He has had several bed wetting accidents at night, so we made the decision to put him in pull ups at night. I honestly think its because his sleep is getting back to where it used to be.

Brad and I are having a hard time to find time to just be alone together (thus the botched couples night in) . . . that is going to take a little more time to find the balance. I know it will come as both kids get better about sleeping. Again, we made major strides this weekend--Brad and I were actually able to go outside and sit in the hammock after the kids went to bed (versus going to bed ourselves!!). I also need to find time to work out more, but that will come too. I was running for a while, but haven't been able to find the time in over a week! But all in all, things aren't too bad!

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Leanne said...

she looks so alert! What fun it looks like you three had!