Friday, September 26, 2008

One week later . . .

Summer turned one week old yesterday. I can't believe its only been a week since she's joined us. Garrett loves sharing with her--note the school bus in the picture. The blanket was cross-stiched by Nana.

We sent Brad back to work a day early so he would have a personal day if we needed it down the road. I must say, my first day alone with two kids was SO much easier than I was expecting. Summer is so mellow, she snoozed in the wrap or sling whenever we were home so I could play with Garrett. We went to Brad's office for a quick visit and then to JoAnne fabrics to pick up some stuff to do crafts with Garrett. He loves making things, so I thought it would help keep Garrett occupied while I am off work. When we got home, the neighbor kids were out, so Garrett played with them until it was time for Daddy to come home. He fell down and did a number on his chin and lip, which he was proud to show off this morning for the camera:

Today has been more of the same, the only real issue we are having is Garrett's lack of naps. Drives me insane!! When he is tired, his ears go off and he refuses to hear anything I say. I wouldn't mind the lack of nap if he didn't NEED one, but he definately still does. Oh well, it is what it is.

As for me, a week later I am 15lbs lighter and only 7lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight. I fit in my old jeans already, although they are a little on the snug side, We're walking every night, a little further each time. So all is well on that front!


Kaycee said...

Sounds like yall are doing well!! Hooray for pre preg jeans already. I'm so jealous. LOL!

Leanne said...

see having a little girl isn't so bad after all is it:) Hope you are taking some time to nap when you can:)

Hartley's said...

A has quite napping too. Something with the age. They get crazy grumpy and walk the house like a drunk. A gets super naughty (like hitting sister)when she's tired.
You shame me with your transition to two- I had a really hard time.