Thursday, October 30, 2008


Its not quiet Friday, but when Friday gets here I will be thrilled.Its been a very wild and crazy couple of weeks here. Last week involved Brad going to work super early and getting home late a couple of times. Then on Friday our company arrived (my boys + 2 teenage boys + two more grown boys = 6 boys to clean up after!!). Really, though, they weren't any trouble--we loved having them here. But I was more or less been on my own most of the time between Friday and Wednesday. I got really good at putting the kids to bed alone.

So here's what's been going on in the past week and a half or so . . .

Brad did a dive course for our guests, which meant Brad was busy all weekend long. Garrett LOVED having everyone here, especially Issac and his friend Guiseppi, who played with him night and day and really kept him quite entertained. (The top picture is Issac with the kiddos--I guess he is my 2nd cousin or something like that? His mom is my mom's cousin . . . )
I started tracking my fitness and nutrition on I'm still carrying around 10 extra pounds since I got preggers with Summer, and a whopping 20 since I got pregnant with Garrett. I want to get back down to 180, which is what I weighed in HS. But more importantly I want to improve my fitness level. I've been doing 40 minutes of cardio every single day for a week now, and I hope to keep that up indefinately and work up to an hour. Strength training twice a week, watching what I eat, the whole nine yards. So far its going well, and my milk supply is still doing great, which is another plus.

Summer continues to be a good sleeper. Garrett does not. He is, as a rule, up as many (if not more) times than his sister. He HAS started napping (3 of the last 4 days), which allows me to work out, but I'm not sure its a good thing since his night time sleep is deteriorating again instead of improving. I just don't know what to do with him, and it is frustrating me to no end.

Other than his sleep issues, Garrett continues to be a trip. He's obsessed with hotwheels and racecars. He talks non-stop, and says the funniest things. He's missed his dad desperately over this past week or so. He loves to do crafts, and whenever he does one he says "Look, I made this for daddy!" And he shows it to Brad at the first opportunity.

Oh, and the story behind yesterday's Wordless Wednesday picture--I decided to do a little photo session with Garrett and Summer. Of course, neither of them wanted to cooperate. Summer was fussing and Garrett simply didn't want to be there at all. So that was the ONLY good picture I got of the 2 of them. I got one good picture of Garrett. The rest are the "out takes," so to speak.

Since my own kids weren't cooperating, I borrowed a couple of Criders, who were far more cooperative!
I'm still having a lot of fun with the photo editing prograp we have, and am starting to play around more.

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Steph said...

You go girl with getting everything done on your own, and exercising too- I'm impressed! Love the pics as always.