Thursday, October 02, 2008

2 Weeks

Miss Summer is 2 weeks old today. Seems like she has been with us a heck of a lot longer! She had a rough day yesterday--her first really gassy day, but today she was a perfect angel again. We've been taking advantage of having Grandma around and have been doing a few playdates while we have an extra pair of hands. Plus Grandma likes seeing Garrett doing all of his fun things. I took this picture yesterday. Grandma brought her this adorable little Pooh outfit. She's already almost out of newborn stuff though, she seems to be growing so fast!

Yesterday we did Preschool Hour with our playgroup. One of our friends/babysitters does it, and she does such a great job! Garrett adores her and her daughter Hazel. So much that they all shared Miss Allison's lap :-)
Allison has made magnets with everyone's name on them (so the kiddos can learn to recognize their names). Garrett proudly stuck his up on the board and clapped for himself. He then proceeded to clap when everyone else did the same. He absolutely loved the class.

Play Dough with Grandma yesterday afternoon

From Tuesday: Last minute pictures with Grandpa and Aunt Stephi before they left (Summer was either screaming her fool head off, or nursing, so the pics of her didn't turn out so great--she was cranky!)

After Grandma took everyone else to the airport, we went to the pool. Summer slept the whole time, conveniently, so Grandma and I could play with Garrett. Here everyone is looking super cute (Summer in her little sundress, Garrett in his Lightening rash guard--anything Cars is a surefire hit!):

It was an overcast day, so we could actually go to the playground too. Garrett would shoot down the slide in his wet swim trunks and say "That was amazing!" and then do it again. He has also found great joy in pretending to toss me into the pool, like we pick him up and toss him when we are in the pool. He was saying "I throw Mommy!" Then I would toss him and he would say "Okay, now its Mommy's turn!" Silly man!


Leanne said...

I just cannot get enough pics of the little girl....she is all you Angela:) Im so happy for you both!

The Fambros said...

I am so glad that he enjoyed preschool time! Its so funny bc when he's at the house he's just like another one of my kids! Too Cute! Summer is geting so big already! It was soo sweet watching Hazel try to "hug" her Wed., not sure yet if she was being darling or just jealous and demanding some lovies. Probably both

Anonymous said...

gosh, she looks so grown up already - so wide eyed and observant. we have to stop by and see her this weekend.

April said...

I love how cute G-man's haircut is! And Summer is just beautiful! :)

Kara said...

Summer is beautiful! Congratulations!