Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sleep training, the 2nd time around

Sooo, obviously I screwed Garrett up big time in the sleep department. Or else he wouldn't be getting up at night at the age of almost 2.5.

Garrett was almost a year old when we found this great book, "Good Night, Sleep Tight" by Kim West. He was seriously up every 2 hours, every night, to nurse, and it was driving me NUTS. The book has helped us with him so many times since then, but I can't help but think if we'd taught him how to sleep right from the beginning, it would have helped.

So with Summer, we're going to try and build good habits from the beginning. What I like about this book is that it isn't like Ferber, where you just let them cry and cry. And at the same time, it isn't like "No Cry Sleep Solution" . . . its just a middle of the road method.

We started working on it today, for our morning nap. This is the ONLY time we'll work on it for a while. I laid Miss Summer in her crib after letting her swing for a little, then nurse for a little, until she was good and drowsy. She fussed a tiny bit, so I stuck a paci (which she hates and won't take, but it usually will make her stop crying. Go figure) in her mouth to calm her down. She watched me fold her clothes for about 5 minutes and then fell right to sleep. Imagine that. So, day 1 of the next 365+ days of trying to teach her to sleep has gone well. Maybe its because I know more than I did with Garrett, or maybe its just because she's a much easier baby. Who knows! I DO know that I love the Sleep Lady!! :-)


Anonymous said...

hey chica, isn't it amazing how we do things so different with baby #2. logan is a much better sleeper than x was (at least to get him to sleep) and we just kind of went with it. he goes right down for naps and bed with no problems, where xander still needs a big production for bedtime :) good luck! -jess

The Fambros said...

You didn't screw up. Never think that. You are a great mommy and do the best for your kids with the knowledge you have at the time. Its just sometimes we find out later that we've been going around our elbows to get to our noses! LOL I know I find out how to better.... all the time