Friday, October 10, 2008

3 Weeks

Summer turned 3 weeks yesterday. It seems like she is growing so fast already! She has pretty good head control and will stay awake for a couple of 1-2 hour stretches a day. She doesn't like the car seat very much, but enjoys her swing and of course the sling or wrap. She has a fussy day every couple of days, but overall continues to be an easy baby.

Garrett continues to love her a lot. He was holding her the other day and said "I love you Summer!" My heart melted. Of course, later that day, he pointed at her and said "I don't like her . . . " Oh well, that's a 2 year old for you. He loves giving her his cars. If I pick them up, he takes them away from me and says "No, I gave these cars to Summer!"

We had a very busy week--My Gym on Monday, playdate on Tuesday, a preschool playdate on Wednesday, and the library for storytime on Thursday. So today we're mostly sitting around the house and trying to clean up the house. It wasn't bad for my first full week alone with the kids, but Garrett continues to get on my last nerve pretty much daily. I love him to pieces, but he is sleep deprived (and making me sleep deprived), so it just isn't the best situation. I always laugh when people ask me how I am sleeping . . . my 2 year old is the one who is keeping me up more than my infant. So anytime I am home, I get strung pretty thin pretty fast. Keeping moving is a plus, but also wears me out. I (in an infinate move of stupidity, I think) agreed to let Brad go out with the CG Auxilliary all day tomorrow, so we're hoping to go to the zoo with Jess and her kids. Not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to that!!


Hartley's said...

I really feel for you- be careful no to over due. Long term sleep loss = misery. It was the same with me and Thea- I had no problems caring for the newborn it was taking care of Thea that hit me into PPD oh yeah AND going back to work. Please be careful!

Leanne said...

you are def one busy mom! Don't forget to take some time for you too!