Thursday, October 02, 2008

Garrett's Special Day

On Monday, in an attempt to get some quality time with Garrett alone, I took him to get his hair cut while Summer stayed with Brad's folks. Getting out with your 2 year old alone is a challenge when you have a 10 day old baby who hasn't yet been introduced to a bottle. But it worked out fantastic. Garrett loves getting his hair cut because he gets suckers, so he's been asking to do it for weeks. After his haircut, we went to Publix and he got to pick out the sweets of his choice. He saw ice cream M&Ms on a stick (obsessed with M&Ms, M&Ms donuts, M&Ms Nascar, etc. etc.), and went straight for those. Even though the outing was only about an hour, I hope it made him feel like he's still my special guy. And he looked SO grown up with that hair cut!


Kaycee said...

Aw that's so sweet. I'm glad yall got ome alone time :) His hair is precious!!

Leanne said...

awe he looks so cute! A mini Brad:)

Anonymous said...

he looks soo much like brad here. maybe tomorrow we'll pick up g to feed the ducks (weather permitting). hope all is well. let us know if you need something.