Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Return to My Gym

We made our first My Gym outing since Summer's arrival yesterday. I was a little worried about getting everyone up and out of the house by myself that early (class starts at 9:15), but it really went quiet smoothly. Summer was up around 5, so I stayed up with her and then got ready after she went back down. Garrett slept in until almost 8, but he was so excited to go to My Gym that he was very cooperative about eating and getting dressed. Summer slept until we got there, and I had time to feed her and plop her in the wrap before we needed to be inside. Then Garrett decided we needed to use the potty, so I got to do that with her in tow. It really all worked out very well--Garrett had a great time, Summer nursed herself to sleep while I chased after Garrett, and I HOPE G-man felt like it was still just for him even though I was wearing Summer the whole time. Afterwards, we went to see our friends Leanne and Ava for a quick visit. All in all, a great first major outing after having Grandma here for a week.

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Steph said...

Angela- Congrats on a great solo outing with both G and S. They are both so adoreable!