Friday, August 29, 2008

Could it be??

Is it possible that there may actually be someone I can actually LIKE in the '08 Presidential Election??
Sarah Palin is a former beauty queen turned governor of Alaska, a feminist who is pro-life, and a mother of 5 children. Her oldest son will be deployed to Iraq by the Army in September, and her youngest son has Down Syndrome. I honestly had never heard of her before, but so far I like her . . .


JenFen said...

When I first read the blog title I thought you were going to say could it be that I am in labor. Haha! Of course as I write this, it could be the case. Have not heard from you this weekend.

At any rate, I think McCain made a good choice and I cannot wait to learn more about her.

Angela said...

No labor Jenn :-) Sorry!! We've been sick so I haven't had time to post!!