Thursday, September 04, 2008

Catch up - Long weekend and 39 (!!) Weeks

No, I didn't have the baby!! I wish. Its just been a wierd week around here. We had a nice long weekend, despite yucky rainy weather that kept us inside most of the time. We took Garrett to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday and he had a BLAST since Daddy hardly ever gets to go with us. They drove in the "NASCAR" game most of the time and had too much fun.

On Sunday, we went to the Dolphin mall for a few hours to get out of the house. Stupid rain! Then Brad had to go to my office for a little while, so Garrett and I went next door to the Miami Seaquarium for about an hour. I didn't realize that as a RSMAS employee, I got in for free. I've never been a big fan of the SeaQuarium, and after going again, I would have been majorly PO'd if I'd have paid $35+ go. But since I didn't pay anything, it was a fine way to spend an hour. The highlight for Garrett was not the marine attractions, but the two scuba divers cleaning the dolphin tank. He thought the dolphins were cool, but the "scubie divers" were awesome.

Monday was nothing fantastic--I went in to the office to meet with my boss for a while and get some presentations ready for while I am out on leave. Garrett wasn't feeling well on Sunday night, and woke up with diarreah on Monday. Poor little man. He was telling us he had a "Tummy Headache".

I got whatever he had, and while he is fully recovered, my tummy has been a mess since Tuesday. Its no fun at all. Practically everyone from our playgroup in Homestead is sick, so I have no idea what is going on. At least Garrett is back to his old self again.

Yesterday we went to Chuck E Cheese with our friends Lisa and Austin, again, just to get out of the house. Afterward Garrett and I went to the library and he had a fantastic time playing on a big rug with his cars while I looked for books. He's such a goofball. On the way home, he was proclaiming "No nap, I'm not sleepy" right up to the point he passed out in his car seat.

Sleep has not been good lately, Garrett's been up a ton and is back to becoming a bear to put down. Today he is refusing to nap again. Since he woke me up at **5:15** I am about to die. I've turned the TV on twice now just so I could catch a quick cat nap. I am almost certain at least part of our problem is coming from him watching way too much TV lately, but who knows. I just want to get a LITTLE sleep while I still can before this baby comes.

I'm 39 weeks today--I can hardly believe that. I'm huge, and have gained 20lbs this pregnancy. We see our midwife tomorrow, but I can FEEL that the baby is very, very low. Not that it means anything, it could still be two weeks, or maybe more, before the little stinker arrives. One of our 3 preggers from our playgroup had her baby on Tuesday--a little boy. Like us, she decided to wait to find out the sex.

Jess and Chris brought us a ton of baby clothes, things we loaned them for their little boy and then all of their unisex stuff. So I've been spending today sorting though clothes and just generally cleaning. I know I should REALLY be cleaning, but I'm sooo sleepy! Bleh. Hopefully Garrett will actually go to bed early tonight and we can catch some Zzzz. Of course, part of the reason we are so tired is because I couldn't resist staying up to watch the RNC last night.

I'll update this later with pictures from this weekend from my phone.

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Kaycee said...

I CANNOt believe you are 39 weeks!! OMG your going to know boy or girl sooo soon!! :)