Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garrett-isms and power outage

We had an awful Thunderstorm this evening that knocked out our power for a while. Of course, this had to be while Garrett was trying to get to bed. He's much better than he was, back to the point where we can do the bedtime routine and go lay in our own bed until he falls asleep. But with no power he comes and says "Fan on, songs on!" He listens to music at night (Discovery Toys' Sounds Like Fun, of course!), and always insists on having his fan on. So we had to explain to him about the power being out. Brad did a good job putting it in Garrett terms: The battery was out, and someone needed to fix it, and Daddy couldn't. You must understand, Garrett is obsessed with "New Batteries" the minute one of his toys dies. He knows Daddy is the fixer of all things, including new batteries. So when the power came on, he of course says "ohhh, Daddy fixed it, new battery!" Silly man.

Among my favorite "Garrett-isms" to say these days are:
"Oh, I'll get it!" Often followed by "Not you, stay here!"

Or if he can't get whatever "it" is: "I can't get it, Mommy (or Daddy) do it!" Or in the alternative "Help Garrett!"

Favorite night time (or way too early-to-be-up) stall tactic is "Mommy, I'm hungryyyy" in the most pitiful voice ever. Ya know when Rolly, the fat puppy in 101 Dalmatians is always whining he's hungry. Yeah, like that. Pitiful you-never-feed-me stuff.

For whatever reason, Garrett is always telling Aspen "Careful Aspen, Watch Garrett" when they go down the stairs together . . . they had a collision a few weeks ago, and I think that's probably why.

Sometimes when you ask him if he needs to go potty, he'll say "No, I'm fine!"

If you ask him to bring something to you, he will do it and go "Here go Mommy!"

If he really wants something, he will demand "Gimmie Milk" or "Gimmie Cereal", but will gladly add a please if you only ask.

"Oh, Thank you daddy!" When Brad makes him a cake cake in the AM or gives him something.

He also is really into his daddy, and really missing his grandma after his visit. Every day he says "Daddy work, miss Daddy!" And often in the evenings he'll say "Miss Grandma"

He'll drive his little blue car and say "Going work! Good Day! Love you" (Meaning have a good day). He'll come back and say "Home!"

If I say we are out of something, he'll automatically say "Oh, Daddy Get it!!" Because again, Daddy is the fixer of all things.

He will sweep our walls with his broom and say "Garrett paint wall!" He will also "fix" the wall with his toy tools.

At night time, we invariably go through a list. Garrett will say "Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, Jesus Loves you, Grandma Loves you, Grandpa Loves you!" After that, the list will change depending on the day. The neighbors may love him, or other family members, or Aspen and Haylee.

Last, but not least, we must always say Thank You during Prayers for Lightening (he has a stuffed car from the movie Cars) and Blue Puppy. :-)

And that's the everyday stuff. He is always doing something silly to make us laugh. Never a dull moment!


Hartley's said...

So cute! Ainsleigh pulls the Hungry things too, except she says "I humbry" her G's are B's- it's so cute, we never correct her-
she will outgrow it soon enough!
I love watching them play, the stories they make when they play are so fun.

April said...

Aww@ I love the hungry comment! So cute. I miss Garrett!