Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Garrett-isms Take 3

I just can't resist writing these down so I don't forget them. I don't really keep a baby book, so this blog is my record of Garrett's growth.

"That's a great song!" -- Listening to his Wee Sing CD Grandma gave him a long time ago. He is "reading" the book that came with it at the same time :-)

"Daddy take brownies to work!" -- Brad took Garrett grocery shopping this weekend and bought a box of brownies that had a Nascar on the front. AND little pieces of candy on them that Garrett thinks are M&Ms. Garrett, of course, wants to eat them all the time, but we explained the brownies are for Daddy to take to work (Brad is SUCH a healthy eater, lol!) Anyway, he says this frequently, and at the strangest times. For instance, at 3am when he gets up to go pee pee.

"I read this to Blue Puppy."--I got this one last night, again at 3am, when he got up to go pee pee. He has a little light he keeps on in his room now to keep the "scaries" away, and it is bright enough to read by.

"Let's see here . . . " When contemplating how something works. He definately gets this one from Daddy!

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Hartley's said...

I hate reading stories at 3am! A will wake up, for some crazy reason (not to pee), and want to be read to and have her back rubbed- at 3am.
I love the things they say, I write mine in a little notepad I keep in my purse. I will go back and read Thea's to her- she get such a kick out of it!