Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

It has been raining for 36 hours straight now. But this storm is hardly anything major. We've had wind, but not anything horrible, and rain, but nothing like Katrina. Never lost power. Garrett and I actually had a lot of fun on Monday--we cleaned and watched some TV. When the wind died down for a while, we went outside and he rode his scooter in the rain. That was great fun--I don't think he ever would have come in except for the fact that he fell and got a pretty bad owie on his ankle. The promise of a band aide was enough to get my little goobie out of the rain. This picture is from Sunday, but basically summarizes all the play we've been doing. Notice he has Tyrone, from the Backyardigans, as his passenger. He loves to drive his car around the kitchen really fast (and reckless!) while yelling "Nascar, nascar, accident!!" He's insane, and an absolute trip. Monday was a no nap day again, in part because we had a friend over in the AM and just missed our nap window.

With the tropical storm coming through, everyone has been talking about Wilma and Katrina and the 2005 hurricane season. It seems so long ago . . . Garrett was conceived during Katrina. Katrina was in August as well, but they were already to K for the named storms. Thank goodness this season hasn't been that active (yet). It's probably because we went out after that year and bought a generator, lol!!

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know we're none the worse for the wear. My office has been closed from Monday at noon until Wednesday, but I work anyway. Wednesday I get to go in to the office . . . we found a couple of great sitters from our playgroup, so we'll see how that goes!!

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