Monday, August 04, 2008

34.5 Weeks

I'm 34.5 weeks now . . . I have a feeling these last two to six weeks are going to DRAG by! I'm pretty much ready to meet our little one, although I am not sure I am really ready for a newborn quiet yet. Preggo stats, I'll be 35 weeks on Friday, I have gained 12lbs, and everything is right on track. I'm still just flat out drained, and don't do much other than take Garrett from one room to the other and play. Might as well enjoy it, because I won't be able to do it much longer!

Garrett seems to be over his indifference about the belly again. He kisses it, and the other day stuck his toothbrush in my belly button, saying "Brush baby's teeth!!" He also keeps telling us to "Pop baby out". We keep telling him he'll have to wait a few more weeks, at least!

We had 14 moms from our playgroup over to the house on Friday, they were doing a baby "sprinkle" for the 3 of us due in the next 2 months (Me, Megan, and Carla--see pic below courtesy of Haydee!). It was a blast, Garrett loved having his friends over. Anyway, the last picture is of him the day of the party.

Brad's mom left Sunday, after a wonderful 10 day visit. Garrett is missing her big time, and so am I . . . We had a quiet weekend, Brad worked on the aquarium, he and his mom took Garrett to the pool so I could have some alone time. We spent a lot of time lounging in our hammock! Brad and I did go out to see the X-files, since Grandma was handy, and that was very nice. It was our first date since late May when Grandma was here for Garrett's birthday! (We go to our appointments with the midwife alone, too, but that's hardly a date!).


Anonymous said...

How Cute! Garrett is going to have so much fun with his baby bro/sis....Cody is really having fun with Jesse :)
Can't wait to see the new babe! Take it easy!

Kaycee said...

Aw! Cami is like that with my belly funny! I'm soo ready. I can't believe we're almost there..yay!

Leanne said...

Thats awesome Angela that you've gained so little weight!! Go mommy! I cant wait to meet this new little one crossing the fingers its a girl:)