Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Make that a busy week!

Forget a busy Monday--its just been a busy week. Garrett and I seem to be in a how-to-get-work done routine of me working from 5 or 6 until 10 or so, when we head out for play date. Yesterday we went to a pool with our playgroup and spent WAY too much time in the sun. It was so relaxing though! Today it was a fun little parrot craft at the park. Garrett had a blast doing it, and playing with his little friends. He would grab one of them by the hand and say, "Come, play!" He LOVES to go to the "playground!" I'll add a picture of his finished craft later.

Garrett and his buddy Corbin
After the park, we did a few errands. We've been skipping naps this week, and it has REALLY helped out with getting Garrett to bed--IE he actually goes rather than fighting us for 2 hours. So I planned on taking him to the pool in the afternoon so we could cool down after running around outside all morning. The conversation of our plans went like this:

Me: Want to go play outside?
G: No. Too hot. Bugs out there. Inside. Play inside, trains!
Me: Do you want to go swimming at the pool?
G: NO! I too hot! I too tired!
Me: (Shocked?) Did you just say you are tired?
G: I tired. NO NAP!!

**sigh** Whatever you say little man. It ended up working out well, because my boss had left me a message with some things to do. Usually I try to hold off on finishing my work day until Brad is home and Garrett's in bed. But since Garrett wanted to play and I had a pretty good list going of things to do, I spent the rest of the afternoon working while Garrett did his thing. It was just another crazy busy day in a crazy busy week!

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