Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Melting Pot and Weekend

Brad and I went out for dinner to the Melting Pot on Sunday night, celebrating our impending second baby and the fact it could be our time any time in the next 4-6 weeks. Then who knows how long it will be before we go out again. Big thanks to Lisa and the Crider clan for watching Garrett for us. The last time we went to the Melting Pot was in December, when we were celebrating our anniversary and FINDING OUT we were pregnant :-) Mmmm, it was yummy, and as always, desert was totally the best part!

Saturday was a fun day too--we went to the beach in the morning. Garrett was a trip, he just played in the sand and drove his truck around. He would wade up to his chin in the water and absolutely refused to wear his water wings. There were some people diving offshore a bit, and when Brad pointed them out, Garrett exclaimed "Scubie Divers coming!!". He loved seeing all the airplanes and boats that passed by. We had a blast!

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