Thursday, August 14, 2008


While I realize it isn't quite Friday yet, I am really, really glad it almost is.

Reason #1, I am 36 weeks. Wooh hoo! All of a sudden, it seems very imminent that we will have a little one in the house again soon. Of course, with my luck, it could still be another six weeks . . . lets hope not QUITE that long though!

Reason #2, I miss my husband. It's insane how much I look forward to having just a little extra time with him during the weekends. Not to mention that on Fridays (and Mondays) he goes in early so he can leave at 3. Major perk. This weekend, it looks like the work schedule shouldn't be too heavy, so we might actually be able to spend more than a little time together. We are planning to go to the beach tomorrow, and on a DATE on Sunday (a mystery date, no less--I'm so excited!!) Garrett loves having both of us home to harass :-)

Reason #3, School starts on Monday, which means NO MORE SUMMER CAMPS at all our favorite hangouts.

Reason #4, This week has just not been fun. The mosquitoes are horrible, so its impossible to go outside. Its been raining all the time, every single day, especially in the afternoon. Garrett has not napped well. Which means I am sooo not rested. I'm ready for it to be over and start fresh next week.

I promise a new belly pic sometime before Monday. It's so hard to photograph Garrett these days--I can't seem to keep clothes on him. On the upside, we have completely graduated from the cursed little potty, which is just gross to clean. Garrett is no capable of getting up on the big potty by himself, with no assistance other than his stool. He's been so great, we haven't had a daytime accident in forever. We've had a couple of night time ones, but that was bound to happen. Poor Garrett, as I'm giving him dry pjs and Brad is changing his bed, he says "Garrett bad! Pee pee bed." No honey, accidents happen, we don't like to pee in our beds but it happens. Poor guy!

Speaking of accidents, Garrett watched Nascar with Brad last Sunday. He now has two obsessions: the M&Ms car (a toyota, boo) and ACCIDENTS. All of his cars, trains, airplanes, etc. promptly flip over and he goes "ohhh, accident!" with a big grin. He'll even INTENTIONALLY flip over his ride on cars and say the same thing. He'll then proceed to get his tools and fix the engine on the ride on car before he can get back on and ride it again. Silly goose!

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Kaycee said...

Can't wait to see the belly pic. WOw 36 weeks seems SO close. LOL!

That's so sad about him thinking he was bad for peepeeing in the bed. Cami did something similar. She was playing and went a little bit before she realized , then said "I sorry moma" I was like AWW, noo it's okay. :(