Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun with noodles

Garrett spent the day yesterday with a new babysitter/old friend. Since my neighbor is starting back to school with her kids, I knew it was time to find something new for childcare, and daycare here is RIDICULOUS! So I've found two moms from my playgroups who are willing to help me out as needed, either for the day so I can work or for a few hours so I can get extra done at home. This will DEFINITELY come in handy once new baby arrives.

We know Lisa and Austin from way back when both Garrett and Austin were tiny infants--we met at our local LLL meeting. She since has joined our awesome playgroup. Garrett had a ton of fun at their house yesterday, they did a noodle craft with the playgroup. He even took a semi-decent nap. I got a good amount of work done in the office, and it was nice to have "me" time, so to speak. Thanks to Megan and Haydee for the pictures, and to Lisa for taking such good care of my little man!

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Leanne said...

I cant believe how big he is already! Are you getting excited for the new baby?