Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy, busy Monday

I took Garrett to My Gym for the first time in forever yesterday. He had a blast--its just amazing how talkative he has become. He insisted on waiting for the airplane swing (versus any of the other swings) because he WANTED to ride the air plane. He was willing to do anything if I just explained it to him first. His favorite part was a swing they stood on--I wish I had a better picture of that (see below). I didn't take my camera, so thanks again to our organizer, Haydee for the pictures! After My Gym, we went to the jeweler's to pick up Brad's dive watch, which needed a new battery. Then it was off to the tag agency to FINALLY get the car registration for the focus changed over. And last, but not least, the library.

Garrett was so good with all the running of the errands, but he was absolutely hilarious at the library. Every book I would show him, he would say "Ohhh, like this one! Read this one!" Then we found a Nemo book and he was on cloud nine. It had "Lure fish!!" in it. He used to be scared of the Lure fish in Nemo, but now he apparently likes it. We found this series with a dog named Biscuit in it, and that is already becoming one of his new favorites. I'll try to update his reading list soon. We took a lot of great books back. In fact, while we were in the car running our errands, he would ask for them (by name) and would turn the pages, examining each page carefully. Sometimes he would give me a running commentary of what he saw. So we definately need to start keeping books in the car!

We spent the afternoon dealing with our A/C issue--hopefully its fixed for good now. Brad got home early, as he usually does on Mondays and Fridays now, but it was 6 in no time and time for bed. Or, at least Brad and I thought so. Garrett, of course, wanted to stay up forever. Today we're just catching up on house work and work work, since I'm too wore out from yesterday to do much else!!

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